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Tips for More Youthful Skin

Youthful skin is one of the most coveted features on a person, yet it’s also one of the most fleeting. Have you ever wondered how to hold onto your youthful glow longer? Here are 7 tips to keep your skin looking good, regardless of your age.

1. Avoid the Sun

Limit your sun exposure as much as possible, as the sun’s damaging rays can wreak havoc on your skin, making it look old and wrinkled far sooner than it should. It’s a wise practice to always apply sunscreen, even in the dead of winter, to ensure your skin is protected.

2. Cut the Sweets

When you indulge in sweet treats, the sugar breaks down and bonds with collagen and elastin in your bloodstream, ultimately degrading these proteins, resulting in wrinkles and saggy skin.Image result for Tips for More Youthful Skin

3. Decrease Your Stress

Stressing out does harm to your body, both on the inside and the outside. The frowns and furrowed brows that often accompany stress will leave you with fine lines and wrinkles in places you definitely don’t want them. Not to mention, when you stress, your body releases increased levels of cortisol, a hormone that, like sugar, can damage collagen and elastin.

4. Redox Signaling Skincare

One of the first places your body begins to break down is within your cells. Over time, your cells’ redox signaling molecules lose their ability to communicate well, resulting in the skin’s inability to repair and renew itself as quickly as needed. With new cutting edge technology by ASEA scientists, redox signaling skincare is changing the anti-aging game.

5. Get More Sleep

They don’t call it “beauty sleep” for nothing. While it’s oftentimes easier said than done, it’s important to get enough sleep each night to give your body time to repair itself. Also, lack of sleep often leads to exhaustion, stress, and lots of other bad things that start to take a toll on your youthful glow.

6. Drink Enough Water

For most people, stomaching eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day sounds like torture. In reality, the torture comes when you don’t drink enough water—your skin doesn’t receive the moisture it needs, not to mention the effects it has on your whole body. Don’t let your skin dry out—drink enough water.

7. Exercise

Yet another tip that most people try to avoid, exercise does wonders for your skin. When you work out, your body is able to sweat out toxins and other free radicals from the environment that can damage your skin. Taking the time to exercise each day allows you to rid your body of these toxins. Plus, your skin will have a nice glow right after you’ve built up a good sweat!

Look Younger Now

No matter how old you are, now is the time to start thinking about your skin and caring for it properly to keep it looking beautiful and youthful. Try redox signaling skincare systems, water replenishment or all of these tips now to get on the path to younger looking skin. What have you got to lose?

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