Bakesplit: Silicone Baking Sheet Divider- A Baking Revolution


Did you know that roasting meats and vegetables in the oven is totally lit right now?Baking is changing, and you don’t want to miss it. Basically the Bakesplit is at the Tesla-level of innovation of the baking game right now. Watch out Elon Musk! This silicone baking sheet divider expands and adjusts to partition your existing metal bakeware-which allows you to prepare multiple types of food on the same sheet! It’s made of silicone which means it’s FDA and LFGB approved, temperature resistant to 500F (260C). It’s MACHINE WASHABLE! It’s comprised of silicone and will help you reduce the amount of baking sheets in your kitchen! This silicone baking sheet divider helps partition a custom cooking area catered exactly to your needs.

For the Meal Prepping Community

As I’m sure you know, eating the same flavour for lunch and dinner over consecutive days leads to “meal prep fatigue” and may induce snacking or other poor dietary choices. With a silicone baking sheet divider, you’re able to prepare multiple flavours of protein on the same baking sheet without mixing. Despite this being a small change, this leads to MASSIVE psychological benefits to keep you on track with your diet. Outside of preparing multiple types of food at once, you can pair chicken breast with nutrient-dense vegetables or a healthy carbohydrate source such as a sweet potato or squash.

Save Time In The Kitchen!

Another great benefits of this silicone baking sheet divider is the ability to save time in the kitchen. No longer do you need to prepare multiple baking sheets, clean twice as much, or stir your life away. Simply split it neat, provide the heat, and enjoy two types of food on the same. Baking. Sheet.

Less cooking and less cleaning. Bakesplit basically sells itself. You’re going to wish you had 10 of them!

Single Sheet Benefits and Cooking Interdietary

Make the entire family happy. Imagine a diabetic family member that requires a special sugar-free diet, eats vegetarian, or cannot have cheese or dairy products. Now imagine hosting a dinner party with said individual with those dietary restrictions. The host of the gathering will have to endure the agony of making an entirely different dish just to cater to someone’s diet. Or you just get a universal baking sheet divider and be done with it!

Delicious Bakesplit Sample Dinners that we LOVE

-Salmon & Brussels Sprouts (400F for 15-25 mins| 40p 27f 8c)

-Shrimp & asparagus (400F for 15 mins| 24p .3f .2c)

-Pork Tenderloin & Zucchini (400F for 15-20 mins| 23p 3f 6c)

-Chicken breast & Sweet Potatoes (400F for 30 mins| 45p 5f 27c)

So what’s the next step?

The Bakesplit will be launched on Kickstarter pending a few supplier negotiations and video filming. This will be launched on Kickstarter pending a few supplier negotiations and video filming.Check out the website at for the latest news on the product! During the campaign, this will automatically forward you to the funding page.


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