10 Game Changing Hacks to Make Your Shoes More Comfortable

Wearing shoes that hurt your feet can make life very uncomfortable, but instead of suffering, here are 10 game-changing hacks that’ll make shoes more comfortable!

Are your feet uncomfortable? Well, maybe you should get rid of your shoes.

But what if they happen to be your favorite shoes? What then? Nobody wants to deal with the anxiety of tossing their favorite footwear!

Due to popular stylings, and even just the way that shoes are made, you may be wondering how to make shoes more comfortable while still being stylish.

You can suffer from pain and discomfort for the sake of fashion if you want. But you certainly don’t have to. There’s a better way.

Gray sport shoes with orthopedic insoles. for sport and fitness. Wooden background.

Gray sport shoes with orthopedic insoles. for sport and fitness. Wooden background.

It’s possible to have style and comfort all at once. You just have to get a little creative.

Whether they feel hard or make your feet sweat, you can make shoes more comfortable with some simple DIY hacks. Keep reading for ten hacks that will help you have the best of both the comfort and fashion worlds.

1. Use Sandpaper

While sandpaper isn’t generally thought of as comfortable, it can do a lot for your feet if you like to wear heels. Heels are notorious for slipping easily, but your heels don’t have to slip if you apply this simple hack.

Get yourself some sandpaper and rub it on the bottom of both the soles and heels of your high-heeled shoes. This will rough up your shoes enough to add some traction, thus reducing slippage.

You can also apply sandpaper directly to the bottom of your shoe. Simply use some hot glue to attach the sandpaper. The rough surface will grab onto whatever you’re walking on much better than the flat bottom of your shoe ever will.

2. Relieve Sweaty Feet

If your feet are constantly sweaty, your shoes definitely won’t feel comfortable. This is a common issue since many shoes don’t allow your feet a chance to breathe.

Several common household products can help relieve sweaty feet, including baby powder, corn starch, or baking soda. Foot powders can also be used. You may also want to try a spray antiperspirant.

If you’re wearing socks, make sure they’re cotton and they’re clean. Don’t re-wear pairs of socks.

Giving your shoes a chance to air out will help with sweaty feet, too. Try switching which shoes you wear, instead of wearing the same ones every day.

3. Stop Heels from Sinking

Heel-wearers are probably familiar with the feeling of sinking into the ground. Luckily, innovative heel stoppers have arrived on the scene.

Simply slip these ingenious little devices onto the bottom of your heel to add more surface area and prevent sinking. They come in different sizes and colors and will allow you to walk on any surface you want.

4. Try a Shoe Stretcher

If you have wide feet or just can’t find a big enough size of the shoe you want, try using a shoe stretcher. You can purchase these, or make them yourself.

Insert the stretchers into your shoes and leave them for a few days. Afterward, your shoes should be a little wider.

For a really simple shoe stretcher, try using plastic zipper bags filled with water. Insert the bags into your shoes, then put your shoes in the freezer. The expanding water will stretch our your shoes.

5. Cover Straps

Though they’re stylish and fun, straps can cause a lot of pain when it comes to your feet. Whether they’re rubbing or digging into your feet, you can prevent the issue.

Wrapping straps in fabric, applying moleskin, or using a silicone toe guard can help prevent these issues.

6. Get Rid of Odors

Nobody feels comfortable wearing smelly shoes. Rid yourself of the discomfort and embarrassment by ridding your shoes of unwanted odors.

Try soaking your shoes in mixture of 2 cups vinegar and 2 gallons water. Make sure they stay submerged and leave them for a few hours.

You can also use tea bags to absorb those discomfort-causing odors.

7. Prevent Blisters

Blisters are a common problem with several types of shoes. Luckily, there are several simple ways to prevent them.

Moleskin is great for both prevention and treatment of blisters.

But you may not have moleskin sitting around your house. You probably have lip balm though. Try tubbing lip balm on the heel area of your shoe to prevent blisters. Deodorant works the same way.

You can also apply deodorant directly to your heel and shoes to prevent blistering.

8. Widen Boot Shafts

If you like boots and don’t have tiny calves, you’ve probably fallen in love with a pair of boots just to find out your legs wouldn’t fit.

To eliminate this frustration and the discomfort of boots that are too tight, try widening the shafts at home.

Spray the leather with a leather-stretching spray, testing it first on a section that isn’t visible, to make sure the color won’t be affected. Then stuff the boot shafts with rolled newspapers or a piece of wood to stretch them wider.

Finish the stretching process by wearing them.

9. Add Insoles

Consider adding inserts to make your shoes more comfortable. Insoles, like those sold by Samurai Insoles, can help with several shoe-related discomforts.

Insoles help with hard-feeling shoes, keeping your feet warm in cold weather, treating perspiration, and other issues. Inexpensive and convenient, insoles provide fast relief.

10. Get a Grip

If you deal with the discomfort of shoes that constantly slip off, try adding a heel insert.

While these may be mostly associated with high heels, the usefulness of heel inserts doesn’t stop there. These can be used in sport’s shoes or any other shoes where the insert can be inserted and concealed.

It’s Easy To Make Shoes More Comfortable

Discomfort caused by shoes isn’t fun. You may be tempted to toss out a pair of shoes you love or make a potentially costly visit to a cobbler, but you don’t have to do either!

You can easily make shoes more comfortable by implementing these simple hacks. Don’t wait to eliminate shoe-caused discomfort!

You shouldn’t have to go through life uncomfortable. Head to our website to learn more about combatting pain.

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