A Guide to Being More Confident Around Women

Published On November 27, 2017 | By Goldie Brim | Anxiety

While being around women may be as simple as ABC to some men, there are lots of men who have social anxiety when talking to girls. When you lack confidence in talking to girls, it becomes difficult to get a girlfriend and have any meaningful relationship with girls. If you have ever asked yourself the question “why do I get nervous around girls?”, you probably lack confidence, and it is time you built yourself up to get along well with girls.

If you are among the men who often have a difficult time talking to women, here are the ways to build your self-confidence and become more comfortable when talking to girls.

  • Groom properly and attractively

Grooming properly and attractively is an established way of boosting your confidence to talk to girls as you will feel comfortable with yourself. Though grooming yourself attractively is important, you must be certain that your dressing or grooming is suitable for the occasion. From trimming your facial hair nicely to cutting your nails or hair, using nice smelling cologne, putting on bespoke dresses, and adorning a good pair of shoes, you must make sure that your grooming is top-notch.

  • Start small to avoid nervousness

The major cause of nervousness for many guys is the approach anxiety. Do not think too much about your manner of approaching a woman or what to say to girls; you should rather start small and build your conversation gradually from there. You can confidently kick-start a conversation with trending issues in the country or main activities going on where you are.

  • Improve your communication skills

Lack of effective communication skills is the main reason behind the inability of many men to talk to women. Resultantly, it is imperative to build great conversation skills, so that you will be able to speak seamlessly with girls. By speaking in front of the mirror and talking to salesgirls and other girls who will very much likely respond to you are some of the ways to improve your communication skills.

  • Be positive in your body language, actions, words, and expectations

Your positivity must be shown in your body language, actions, words, and expectations when approaching or talking to a woman. Do not allow the fear of rejection to get the better of you; be positive.

  • Increase and improve your social circle

To improve your confidence around women, become more sociable. When you socialize with more people of both sexes, your chances of meeting women will increase; hence, you become more comfortable and confident around women. A few of the ways to increase your social circle include attending more social gatherings, joining a club or social group, and meeting the friends of your friends.

Whether you need a girlfriend or want to become a casual friend of the opposite sex, becoming more confident around women is the best way to achieve your aim. Therefore, begin your journey to become a confident man today by following the tips given above.

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