Too Much Debt Can Be Bad For Your Health

Just like too much sweet can spoil the cup of tea, similarly too much debt, medical or student, can spoil your health, lifestyle and relationship as well. It is true that to live in today’s world you need money which is scarce and therefore, taking loan is the only option left to many to keep up with the fast pace of life. It is good to a certain limit but as soon as debt crosses that limit, it starts to affect your health in a negative way. You can have all sorts of problems including insomnia to heart attacks if you ignore debt and leave it unaddressed for a long time.

Raises The Blood Pressure

Too much debt can leave you searching for that extra money which could have helped you to pay off the borrowed amount. Such constant lookout and worry about money would create a lot of mental stress which would lead to anxiety and depression. This in turn leads to less sleep, irregular food habits and increase in blood pressure. Study says that people who have high blood pressure stands a high chance of heart attacks and strokes than those who have it under control. Study also says that most of the people who have debt have high blood pressure.  Image result for Too Much Debt Can Be Bad For Your Health

It Affects Immunity

According to biological science blood is the primary carrier of your body and once that is affected slowly but surely all your body parts and organs starts getting affected. Blood pressure can lead to anxiety and depression and also can lower the immunity of your body. You would become prone to different ailments and succumb to the chronic stress. It is all due to the suppressed immune system of your body which is a the result of your staying awake at night, faulty eating habits and much more all of which are result of one single factor, that is debt.  

Increased Doctor Visits

Deteriorating health condition can increase your doctor’s visit and thereby draining out more money unnecessarily. With such unwanted expenses eliminated, you could have saved and created a corpus to make payments for your money borrowed. The increased doctor visit and expense would reach to such an amount one day that you would find it to be equal to the credit card debt consolidation loan which you had to take to pay off your multiple debts. Such saved money could even have allowed you to make your entire credit card payment.

Affects The Relationship

When you do not keep well and fit and have to visit the doctor often, taking medications most of the time, you are bound to have mood swipes, sudden anger, and irritation which would affect the health of your relationship with family and kids as well. You would have chronic pain in the neck, acute and frequent headaches which would not allow you to mix with people. Your social relationship is affected and most of the times debt can even lead to divorce.  Therefore, to lead a healthy life you should keep your financial status healthy at all costs.

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