Four Of The Best Fitness Classes For The Season

Many people love to workout outside, but find their motivation decreases significantly when the weather gets colder. Toronto, Ontario winters are cold, and it’s tempting to spend the winter months curled up in front of the fire with a good book and a hot cup of cocoa; however, staying active this season means you’ll be in great shape come summer!

Fall is here and winter is fast approaching. With the sudden influx of cold weather and potential snowstorms driving most Canadians indoors, this is the perfect time to up your fitness game, or to begin one. One of the best ways to exercise indoors and have fun at the same time is to take a fitness class. Not only is it fun, incredibly motivating, and tends to give participants amazing results, but fitness classes offer a much cheaper option for individuals who want professional instruction, but can’t afford a private personal trainer.3

Fitness classes are a great way to get in shape and are a happy medium between working with a personal trainer and working out solo, particularly if you choose a reputable gym to attend with top notch class instructors, like at the Striation 6 gym in Toronto. You get many of the benefits of a trainer, but at a much lower cost. Not only that, but you also receive the advantages of working out in a social environment, allowing you to make new friends or bring friends with you to the class. At the Striation 6 fitness club you have the opportunity to find out what type of exercise you like and to try new things without thelong term commitment.
Here are four of our favouritefitness classes in Toronto, Ontario that can help keep you motivated, energized, and fit all season long!

  1. Bootcamp Style Training

Bootcamp classes are all the rage because they are not only fun,but they tend to have the best results for attendees. These fast-paced classes usually consist of a circuit that incorporates cardio, weights, and agility for a full-body workout that blasts calories and tones and trims the body like no other.

  1. Yoga Classes

Strengthen, tone, and balance your body with a rejuvenating yoga class. Yoga is a great way to centre yourself, keep your spirits lifted, and melt away stress during the busy holiday season.

  1. Spin Class

Get revved up during the colder months with an energizing cycle class. Cycling is perfect in a group setting and is a fun way to burn calories and spend time with your friends.

  1. Muay Thai

Enjoy some competitive fitness with a Muay Thai class. Muay Thai is an amazing workout that helps you lose weight, build lean muscle, improve balance, strength, and coordination. Plus, it’s fun! This is another great class to take with your friends and a healthy way to stay energized and stress-free.
Don’t overlook fall and winter as prime seasons for fitness – staying active during the colder seasons can help stave off seasonal depression and holiday season weight gain. Head to your local gym, sign up for a class and start getting in the best shape of your life right now.

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