Tips to Quit Drug Abuse

Well if you have finally sworn to give up on drugs, then make sure there is no turning back. Here are some of the best tips that can help you quit drug abuse:

  1. Be steady and achieve your goal: The journey to quit drug isn’t a race. You need to take your time. First make your way through the withdrawals with no relapse. If you have selected a program for yourself, then make sure you follow all the steps, right from the beginning without skipping any.
  2. Keep beating drugs above everything. Problems like overeating or smoking can be addressed later. In fact, you should smoke more and eat more in order to remove your influence of drugs. It is important to treat your drug addiction first. This is why all the other addictions will flow from. All in all, a cycle of denial which delays the inevitable to face the other issues and quit it totally.
  3. Challenge your drug cravings: In your mind and your heart, just tell your cravings to go away. Lodge in a thought process to fight your craving and you may find yourself ways to recover from relapsing.
  4. Keep a DVD with you all the way through. Yes, it means record your drug addiction fighting session so that if any problem occurs amidst and you turn back to it, then you may know where did you go wrong? How miserable the few months have been before you died in a ditch!
  5. Do not go to the places, people and thing which brought you to drug habit. Avoid those things which can trigger your drug habit like old times. If you belonged to a gang which took drugs, then stop being a part of it anymore. Do not go to places which remind of your drug addiction. Get away from other drug addicts unless they are looking for help themselves
  6. If you feel you should be a part of a group or management which can heal your issue. Be a part of rest room and use their holistic approach and expert perspective to look for a new life and never turn back to drugs again.
  7. Do not get bored or be idle. If you are lonely or you feel bored, then join some hobby classes or extracurricular activities. Make a list of the things you love to do and opt for something on a daily basis.
  8. Do not let any major changes happen in the first two years of your drug quit. Events like changing of job, divorce or new partner may stress you out and break your concentration to tackle with drug abuse.

So, if you are finally looking for ways of how to quit drug [วิธีเลิกยาไอซ์, which is the term in Thai], then you should check out the drug centers in Thailand. They are literally helping the drug abused people to fight their problem and emerge victorious in their 14 day program. So, go ahead and take admission and be a part of it to cure your problem.

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