What You Ask A Plastic Surgeon Concerning Breast Augmentation

If you have settled and considered wise to take breast augmentation, it is important to have a deeper understanding concerning this surgical process. Having vast knowledge will help you ask your surgeon basic questions to enhance your knowledge and understanding. This will help you have authentic knowledge concerning the process as information from the internet and out there can be misleading and confusing. This article presents what to ask a plastic surgeon about breast augmentation before the process is undertaken.

Question 1: The surgeon’s background

Choosing the right surgeon (click here for an excellent recommendation!) is the most important step you will make as far as your breast augmentation is concerned. Therefore, consider knowing more about their professionalism.


  • Where your surgeon schooled?
  • Where he performed his surgical training?
  • Plastic surgery certification?
  • Years of service and experience?
  • The number of breast augmentation he has done?

Give a red flag to surgeons who refer themselves as general and cosmetic surgeons. This is a clear sign of poor qualification and unskillfulness.

Question 2: Ask to see before and after photos

Having a look at the surgeon’s before and after photos is imperative. The photos will help you realize the quality of your surgeon’s work and his aesthetic. Everybody wants a surgeon who will give excellent results and have aesthetics that matches yours. Therefore, the surgeon gallery showcases their excellence.

Question 3: The procedures the surgeon performs

Surgery is a field of practice with different procedures used from head to toe. With the various procedures, every surgeon prefers his/her procedure that guarantees results. Consult on the different options that your breast augmentation surgeon offers. However, note that most types of breast augmentations use implants and others use your body’s fat. Ask the best procedure that will suit you, considering the cost.

Question 4: Ask what to expect during the surgery

As a sensitive patient preparing to undergo surgery, it is noteworthy you know the process in details. However, some patients do not want to hear anything due to anxiety and nervousness. For those who wish to know, ask:

  • Where the surgery will be performed?
  • The type of anesthesia that will be used?

Question 5. Ask on Breast Implant Sizes

To choose the right breast implant size is an imperative decision that must involve the surgeon and yourself. Women breast implants differ as they differ in body sizes. For instance, if you want a natural look, consider choosing an implant size that befits your body and the elasticity of your body tissues. Choosing an implant that does not fit with your body size will appear fake, overly, and bulging. This, in turn, can increase the risks of bottoming out complications. Good surgeons must help you determine the right size that befits you.

Question 6. Ask on the recovery time

Usually, the recovery time after augmentation is 3-7 days. However, with some highly qualified and experienced surgeons will help you recover between 24-48 hours. Therefore, ask your surgeon on the recovery time based on the type of procedure he will use. Besides, ask on activities to avoid that may hinder your recovery time.

Question 7. Ask on the risks and safety precautions

Not surgery without risks. Talk to your surgeon concerning the dangers associated so that you can prepare and avert them. Some of the complications include bleeding, implant rupture, infections, implant malposition, and formation of scar tissues.


Knowing what to ask a plastic surgeon about breast augmentation is important, as it will increase your knowledge hence prepare adequately and avoid misconceptions, confusions, and misleads from the internet and out there.

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