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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Hair Transplants

Hair transplants have become very popular in recent years as prices drop and the effectiveness of treatments increases, but does that mean a hair transplant is the right choice for you? It must be said that there are many excellent advantages that are now associated with hair transplants but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re suitable for all men who are experiencing male pattern baldness and losing their hair.

In this article, we look at the many advantages of having a hair transplant procedure performed by an experienced surgeon as well as some of the things that you will need to bear in mind and look into to make sure that having a hair transplant really is the right decision for you to make.

The Advantages of Hair Transplants

There are so many excellent advantages to hair transplants as is exemplified in the overwhelmingly positive hair transplant reviews that patients from all over the world have made available to share their experiences. Here are some of the many benefits to having a hair transplant procedure:

  • Hair transplants are safe and natural

Some hair growth treatments, like Rogaine which is one of the most popular hair growth medicines on the market today, lead to side effects in a number of patients. These can include skin irritations, redness and itching, as well as a loss of sexual desire, which can have major implications for a man’s relationship with his wife or significant other.

Hair transplants, on the other hand, are completely safe and natural and there are no medicines or chemicals involved – there’s not even the need for any special shampoos or conditioners! When looking for a way to grow your hair naturally and say goodbye to male pattern baldness, it’s important that you focus on treatments which are effective, safe and natural, which is exactly what hair transplants have to offer, making them the best way of treating male pattern baldness.

  • Your hair is easily manageable

Unlike the use of chemicals and medicines which can grow hair that’s easy to break or damage, when you grow your hair with a hair transplant, you get hair that’s very easy to manage and you can style it however you wish. Because you’re growing your hair naturally and it’s your own hair, your new hair will blend in with the old and it won’t require any special treatments to keep it looking its best.

While you should take care immediately after the surgical procedure (you will need to follow the surgeon’s instructions to ensure the transplant delivers the best results), within a few weeks you won’t have to worry about caring for it and you can relax and watch it grow. You will find that your hair begins to grow within about two months (this can be a little longer or a little quicker) and that within about eight to ten months that it has completely grown back.

  • There’s no visible scarring

When hair transplants first become an option, men who underwent the procedure had to tolerate scarring as a result of having the hair removed from the donor site and transplanted onto the reception site. However, with advances in hair transplant and medical technology, there’s only a small scar to show for the procedure and good surgeons will ensure that this scar is only slightly visible. What’s more, it will be at the rear of the scalp where it won’t be seen.

  • You can regain your confidence

For most men, this is the biggest benefit to having a hair transplant performed and many men report that they experience life-transforming changes after growing their hair back after a hair transplant. If you have found that you’re not as confident as you used to be and that this is because you’re balding and losing your hair, then you will be pleased to note that having a hair transplant can do wonders for your confidence and self-esteem.

These excellent benefits – safe and natural procedure, easily manageable hair, no visible scarring and the restoring of confidence – are some of the top advantages associated with hair transplants. If these sound like benefits that you would be interested in, why not look at having a hair transplant?

The Disadvantages of Hair Transplants

In comparison to the advantages of hair transplants, not only are there very few disadvantages to having a hair transplant but most males aren’t affected by many if any of the following anyway. However, it’s always important to make informed decisions, so you’re advised to take note of these considerations if you’re planning to have a hair transplant in the near future.

  • Men with very tight scalps may not be able to grow as much hair back as other men

In extreme cases, men whose scalps are tight will grow very little of their hair back as the surgeon will struggle to transplant the hair at the reception site. This affects a very small percentage of all men, so chances are it won’t be an issue that you need to concern yourself with at all.

  • It takes about eight to ten months to regrow your hair

For many men, time is of the essence, so if you’re looking for quick results, then hair transplants aren’t the best choice for you. However, while it may take some time to grow your hair (only about 8 – 10 months), hair transplants are a much better long-term solution than the alternatives.

As you can see from the points that have been made here in this short article, there are many more advantages associated with hair transplants than there are disadvantages. That means that most men, regardless of their age or how advanced their hair loss is, will find that having a hair transplant performed by an expert surgeon in Turkey has many excellent benefits to offer, including increased confidence and a more youthful appearance.

Whether you’re thinning on top and your hair is no longer as thick as it used to be or your hairline is receding, you can restore your confidence and look so much younger with a hair transplant.

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