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Nut wizard – clean garden throughout the season

For lots of gardeners falling nuts and fruits cause quite a number of troubles, both physical and mental. One should say it’s rather annoying to see your backyard stuffed with heaps of acorns and pecans, especially when it’s been cleaned some couple of days ago. A single thought of doing the same amount of work once again makes a person totally depressed. However, chances to have one’s garden look like a junkyard don’t seem to be optimistic at all. And so, people get back to dull and time-taking sort of work just to prevent an upcoming disaster. Problem is few of them know how to turn the job into a joyful and engaging activity.


Using a nut gatherer: what it’s like

To begin with, operating a tool like a nut wizard is an absolutely relaxing and fun experience. The point is you don’t need to bend closer to the ground to pick up objects that lie on your lawn. Nut picker is designed to do that kind of work instead of you by means of the flexible wires that altogether form a metal cage. This cage (basket) is attached to a carbon steel handle bar, which length is just enough to avoid the bend-over position during work. In our detailed garden weasel reviews there’s a lot of information as to what materials are used and how to operate the device with maximum productivity. One of the major aspects worth mentioning is that wires are fully heat-tempered. This means you can leave your concerns regarding parts starting to melt in a hot season. The heavy-duty design features will allow you to get maximum use of the tool in a truly long run.

Reasons to have a nut picker in your household

One of the major reasons to obtain a product is that you won’t be having issues like a strained muscle, pain in the back or an aching neck. Work with minimal efforts applied positively influences your overall health condition.


Another advantage lies in the fact gathering process flows much faster, since the objects easily become trapped should they get in your way. Elastic wires grab them with a single attempt and leave no chance to escape the basket.

And one more visible benefit is you’ll wish for more nuts/fruits to fall from the trees. Gathering them is just too much fun to stop and thus, you won’t even notice how the work has gradually a transformed into playing a game.

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