Your Simple Guide To Using Tribulus Terrestris 500 Mg Pills!

Tribulus terrestris is a special herb that’s used in Ayurveda to deal with sexual problems and libido issues. It is also used by many bodybuilders as a supplement to boost the testosterone levels. While there are many active ingredients in the seeds of the herb, the most relevant one that aids in increasing testosterone is known as saponin protodioscin.  If you are keen on using this supplement, we have some quick facts below for help.

Before using herbal supplements

First things first, it is important that you exercise caution when it comes to herbal supplements. While most of them have been used in traditional and alternative forms of treatment, these aren’t tested and studied for long enough. Tribulus might work for you in the initial few days; at least that’s what a small study revelaed. Also, it is not clearly known as why this herb may help in increasing testosterone levels. Clearly, most tests and studies are required in this respect..

Buying the supplement

When it comes to herbal supplements, concentration of the primary constituent matters more than anything else. If you are looking for Tribulus with 45% saponin content, you should look for products that are manufactured in USA, Turkey and Bulgaria, as the products will contain a higher concentration of the herb. Don’t choose a product because of an insane discount or other reasons. With herbal products, quality and place of origin matter more than other things.

How to use Tribulus?

If you check the market, you will find Tribulus pills in dosage of 500 mg. The bottles usually contain 60 or 120 tablets. Read the label to find the actual percentage of saponins in the product, which should be ideally more than 40% for effective results. There are many companies that make this supplement, and usually, you will find all the dosage instructions. Make sure that you follow the same to the best possible extent. With herbal supplements, you need to understand the possible side effects, as well, as these products may work in a different way in every case.

Tribulus is typically taken for extreme bulking, and there are very few reports of extensive side effects. Nevertheless, you need to do your research, so that the possible concerns can be addressed. Also, this is not a replacement for exercise and dieting. Make sure that you follow a workout plan, and for any major side effect, consult a doctor immediately.

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