How to Manage Diabetes in 2021

Over the past year, most of us have been impacted by the pandemic. It seems like it’s been forever since we lived a relatively normal life. Kids were in school, people went to work in offices, and we would have never imagined there would be shortages of things like wipes or hand sanitizer. 

The pandemic hit us hard, and most people have experienced direct loss or know someone with a lost loved one due to the disease. What we learned through this challenging experience is how important it is to care for our physical and mental health. The coronavirus hit people with chronic health issues much harder than those who didn’t. 

Diabetes was a major factor in many coronavirus cases. It’s a difficult condition to live through, but many diabetics felt particularly exposed throughout the pandemic. It did, however, shine a light on diabetes and the management of diabetes. With a renewed focus in 2021, more people are eager to engage in new and effective ways to live a fuller, more healthy life with diabetes. 

Here are some ways to manage diabetes in 2021.

Do Some Research to Learn as Much as You Can About Diabetes

You’d be surprised, but many diabetics know little about the condition they’re living with. Some people are diabetic and don’t even know it! They wait until they have a serious medical issue, and then show up to the hospital where they find out they have likely been diabetic for years. 

Ignoring a problem doesn’t usually make it go away. You can’t wish away diabetes. To manage your condition and limit its impact on your life, you should learn as much as you can about effective treatments. Learning things like what foods and drinks to stay away from, monitoring when your sugars tend to plummet or spike, and what common symptoms of swings in blood sugar are will help you manage your diabetes more effectively.

This step isn’t limited only to people with diabetes. If you have a diabetic child, for example, parents should learn as much as they can about how to help them stay healthy and avoid any health scares. 

Explore the Tech Available to Make Life Easier

The healthcare industry has put a lot of focus on diabetes in recent years. Now, more than ever, there are innovative ways to track blood sugar, manage insulin levels, and stay in better health overall. Throughout the management of diabetes, following industry news and treatment trends should be a focus. Now, you can buy blood sugar monitors that sync with your phone and send you alerts anytime your sugars get out of a certain range. Insulin pumps help people avoid the need to give themselves shots multiple times a day. Treating diabetes is becoming less cumbersome by the year, and honing in on the right treatment solutions can make your life a lot easier.

Find Ways to Improve Your Diet

Diabetics who have lived with the condition for years know how hard it is to control what they eat. There’s less room for a cheat meal or a piece of cake than your average person. They have to plan out how much sugar is in something they’re going to eat and prepare the proper insulin response. 

A great way to manage diabetes is to resolve to eat better and stick with the plan. Unfortunately, what the last year taught us is that obese people with diabetes are at much higher risk for diseases like the coronavirus. 

A nutritionist can help you do meal planning to improve your odds of staying away from foods that will cause your sugars to spike. They’ll guide you toward things like whole grains, foods high in fiber, as well as fruits and vegetables. Small things like avoiding sugary soda drinks, candy, and high-calorie foods will go a long way in keeping you feeling good. 

Have a Medical Response Plan

Sometimes your diet, the way your body responds, and how quickly you act when your blood sugar jumps can’t be controlled as much as you’d like. There will be times when you feel miserable.

However, having a plan in place to react to diabetic symptoms will make your response automatic. Doing what you need to do to control symptoms and get your sugars back in line will be natural. You should also take preemptive measures to stay on top of your condition. Doing things like checking your feet for blisters and swelling can prevent medical issues, and checking your blood pressure regularly is also a good idea. 

Find Out More About Peptides & Diabetes Management

Oxytocin is a natural protein hormone that plays an important role in relationship bonding between family members. It’s also gotten a lot of recent attention for potential health benefits. Research in mice indicates that oxytocin likely increases glucose uptake and insulin sensitivity. Mice given oxytocin saw overall fat mass reduce even with normal food intake and activity levels. In a study of patients with diabetes, those given oxytocin intranasally saw a reduction in glucose and insulin levels. What’s more, they lost an average of 9kg over the trial that lasted eight weeks. 

Effective diabetes management takes discipline. Find the best doctor you can and build a long-term relationship aimed at helping you cope and thrive with the condition. Handled correctly, symptoms can be managed without too much trouble and diabetics can maintain a very high quality of life. 

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