Top brands of skin care products available online

Skincare brands highly rated by consumers are now offered by trusted online stores dealing in such products. Moisturizers, cleansers, serums, and many other skin care formulations by leading brands can directly be purchased from a single source.

The Skin Care Clinic is one such online store. Apart from stocking the best brands of skincare products, this store also offers online consultation. Thus for Skin Care Products, Treatment and Advice, The Skin Care Clinic is a perfect choice.

Some examples of top-rated brands of skin care products available in The Skin Care Clinic have been mentioned here.


Medik8 Press and Glow toner acts both as an exfoliator and anti-ageing solution. Polyhydroxy acid contained in this product removes dead skin cells and reduces pigmentation, thereby rejuvenating the complexion and giving a youthful look. Prickly Pear extract increases the rate of the exfoliation process. Aloe Vera extract is also used to lock moisture in the skin and provide protection against free radicals. This toner also improves the absorption of vitamin A in the skin to reduce the signs of ageing.

Medik8 Calmwise Discovery Kit contains a cleanser, serum and colour correct. The cleanser contains chlorophyll and teprenone, which remove dirt and other impurities from the pores, leaving skin refreshed and cool. Serum eliminates skin redness and imparts a soothing feeling. It has seven natural ingredients which act gently on the skin. Colour correct improves the complexion through chamomile and aloe vera contained in it. It also eliminates redness and imparts coolness to the skin.


PCA Skin Peptide Lip Therapy improves the health of lips and is particularly beneficial for dry and broken lips. This product contains a blend of ingredients extracted from tomato and barley called BMX complex. BMX complex hydrates the lips and also protects against free radicals. Palmitoyltripeptide-38 is another ingredient that removes fine lines and other signs of ageing from the lips. PCA lip peptide stimulates collagen production, thereby making the lips healthier and fuller. Shea butter helps the lips in retaining moisture and prevents dehydration.

CosMedix Normal Skin Kit

CosMedix Normal Skin Kit consists of CosMedixDefine, CosMedixBenefit Clean, CosMedix Affirm and CosMedix Emulsion. Define contains retinol and hydroxy acids. It reduces fine lines and wrinkles and also makes the skin tone even. Benefit Clean is a cleanser that eliminates dirt, pollutants and other impurities from the skin pores. Affirm is a serum infused with antioxidants that reduce free radical damage and eliminate signs of ageing. Emulsion provides hydration to the skin cells.

CosMedixPurity Detox Scrub is loaded with natural exfoliation agents such as jojoba, poppy and crushed dare seeds, which gently eliminate the dead skin cells to rejuvenate the skin. Salicylic acid is also present in the scrub. It also exfoliates the skin while reducing inflammation and redness. Lauric acid is another ingredient used in this product. The function of lauric acid is to eliminate acne-causing bacteria.


Aspect Glow Kit consists of multiple products. Illuminating Polish contains enzymes, AHAs and ecoscrub, which remove dead skin cells, leaving the skin soft and smooth. Probiotic Mask floods the skin with moisture and also provides nourishment. The mask soothes the skin. Hydrating Lip Balm contains jojoba and shea butter which lock moisture in the lips and prevent cracking and dryness.

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