How to Cope With and Alleviate Anxiety

 Anxiety is one of the worst mental health problems to live with. Having anxiety and panic makes it difficult to maintain emotional and physical stability. It’s time to take action – to learn the strategies that will help you cope with and alleviate your anxiety.

If you feel you can’t cope with your anxiety alone, you should always consider professional help. Talking to a skilled psychologist in London who is using cognitive behavioural therapy techniques can train you in new ways to handle stress.cs passed

How to Cope With Anxiety

This is not easy. Seeking professional help gives you someone to keep you accountable. You will get the validation you need that what you’ve been doing so far has worked.

There are also ways you can cope with your anxiety at home. To be able to cope alone you have to commit to lifestyle changes, avoid anxiety fuelling behaviours and be ready to hold yourself accountable for the changes you need to make.

How to Alleviate Anxiety

Coping happens inside of you. There are a lot of strategies to help you cope, and to cure anxiety you have to have incredible mental strength. You have it, you just need re-training. These top tips will help promote better coping to alleviate anxiety.

  • Exercise – As well as getting fit, exercise is brilliant for anxiety. Exercising regularly releases endorphins (happy hormones), and burns away those stress hormones.
  • Herbal tools – Herbal supplements can help with anxiety symptoms. Having a calming chamomile tea may ward off an anxiety attack, without any side effects.
  • Meditation and Yoga – Both of these have the potential to improve your ability to cope with anxiety. If you suffer from panic attacks, the breathing techniques you will learn can help massively.
  • Positive thinking – Learning to be more of a positive person, and thinking positive thoughts, is hard to do. There are ways to train yourself into positive thinking. Try surrounding yourself with positive people, and you may find yourself being positive too.
  • Acceptance – Accept your anxiety, don’t run from it. If you have fear of anxiety, it will only get worse. Learn to talk about it openly, and don’t hide from people when you’re suffering.

Although these may not cure your anxiety, they will help you learn to control the affects anxiety has on you. You’ll find yourself more at peace, being able to mentally cope with anxiety.

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