How Much Does It Cost For A Private Consultation?

Seeing a specialist consultant is the most important step of your treatment for rheumatoid arthritis. Specialists such as Dr Bhadauria can properly diagnose your condition and decide on the most effective treatment path for you.

Most people that start to notice worrying symptoms will usually see their GP first for help. Your GP will usually refer you to a consultant, but waiting for an appointment to see a specialist through the NHS can involve a very long wait.

However, it is the specialist consultant that will make the final diagnosis for rheumatoid arthritis after thorough testing to rule out any other cause for your symptoms. So it can be worth booking your own private consultation to get to the root of your health condition a lot faster and get support and relief to help improve your quality of life without sitting on a waiting list for months.

Why do I need to see a specialist consultant?

Consultants, such as Dr Bhadauria are the top level of doctors in the UK, and their level of knowledge can take up to nine years of medical study and specialisation to make the grade.

While your GP will have gone through five years of medical school, their training covers a wide range of illnesses and health conditions, they don’t specialise in any particular field and so will always refer their patients on to professional consultants when they need more specialist help and treatment.

Booking a private consultation with a doctor that specialises in rheumatoid arthritis will cut down on your waiting time to get the correct diagnosis, support and treatment that you need.

Your consultation will be very thorough and will involve a physical examination as well as diagnostic tests such as scans and blood tests, which all help to rule out any other possible cause for your symptoms and will also let Dr Bhadauria assess the level of your condition so he can administer the most effective treatment plan for you to follow.

What does it cost for a consultation?

A consultation with Dr Bhadauria at any one of his London clinics, or via video consultation, are priced accordingly:

  • New Consultation: 30 min appointment = £250
  • Follow-up consultation: 15 min appointment = £150
  • Steroid joint injection = £120
  • Video Consultation: New patient 30 min = £250
  • Follow-up video consultation: 15 min = £150

Consultations can be booked at one of the London clinics that are closest to you at a time that convenient, so you don’t need to wait long to see a specialist or travel for miles for your appointment.

The benefits of having a private consultation

While you can access some of the very best medical consultants via the NHS, there are many advantages to booking a private consultation that will justify the expense, including:

  • No long waiting lists: You can book an appointment at a time and date that suits your schedule
  • A better consultant: With Dr Bhadauria, you know you will be getting the very best in the country rather than one that is assigned to you by the NHS
  • You can avoid being treated by junior doctors. Many consultants will have a team of junior doctors working for them and you may see one of those instead of seeing the consultant in person

Do not hesitate to contact Dr Bhadauria’s friendly team to book an appointment for a consultation and talk through what you need to do to prepare for your consultation.

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