How To Buy A Blackhead Removal Tool

Blackheads, also called comedones, are clogged pores with excess fat, dirt, dead skin or other debris. They appear more frequently on the face, their size varies from small to large and can be very painful. Although the American Academy of Dermatology recommends not removing blackheads because it increases the risk of scars, you may want to try different blackhead removal tools or treatments to get rid of them. You can extract the black spots using blackhead removal tool and take care of your skin.

Find The Appropriate Blackhead Removal Tool

Know your options. The best way to heal blackheads is to avoid pinching, bursting or squeezing them. However, you can remove annoying blackhead or require treatment with chemicals. Knowing the different options you have can help you identify the best blackhead removal tool for your specific needs to extract blackheads. Among the products that can extract blackheads are the following:

  • Extraction tools
  • Strips for removing blackheads
  • Clay masks
  • Topical creams

Identify the best blackhead removal tool of blackheads for your skin type. All people have different skin types and different concerns about blackheads, such as having large black spots and swollen or small comedones scattered. Identify the best extractor that can help you get rid of the eruptions according to the gravity and type of blackheads you have. You can choose between the following tools:

Choose an extraction tool for any skin. This could be a good choice should you have large, visible blackheads, and you are looking for a relatively inexpensive extractor.

Use strips to remove blackheads if you have greasy or mixed skin, scattered blackheads and you are looking for an economical, quick and short-term result. Keep in mind that using these strips could damage your skin because they remove the epidermis.

Use masks, especially clay ones. Masks are a good choice if you have scattered or large blackheads. Unlike other options, clay masks could require more time and money. Uses topical creams, such as retinoid gels or antibiotics, These creams are a good choice if you have oily skin as well as want to use a method to extract blackheads that does not require much effort. It is probably necessary that you apply these products daily, which can be costly.

Buy a blackhead removal tool to extract blackheads. If you decide to remove the blackheads with an extractor, you might feel confused by the variety of tools available at pharmacies, health product stores, discount beauty stores and large retail stores. Select one according to the type of blackheads you want to extract. Some tool options you can purchase to extract blackheads are as follows:

A double-headed tool: a tool that on one side has a small spoon with a hole that snugly fits over the black point to extract it. On the other side, it has a small and very sharp lancet that can be dangerous if not used by a professional.

A tool with the cup-shaped end: this type of tool has one or two cup-shaped ends that fit into black dots of different sizes. In some cases, one end of the tool may have an angle to reach difficult areas such as the side of the nose.

Finally, consider buying a stainless steel blackhead Extractor tool. This type of product is not only considered hypoallergenic for most people but also can be easily and effectively disinfected every time you use it. Buy the product of your choice on the Internet since it’s so convenient and they likewise offer money back policy.

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