5 Best Online Healthcare Stores in India

The online marketplace for healthcare products in India is ever increasing and with each day, the number is rising for the people who are using the online platform to buy health care products online.

The Online Healthcare Stores in India offer customers several benefits and come as a well-deserved winner when compared to the physical store. The discounts, the ease with the shopping can be made, the variety of products available at the online store, the vanishing of geographical boundary and many other factors come as a beneficial aspect of the online healthcare stores in India.

Here are 5 best Online Healthcare Stores in India, which you can choose to fulfill your needs for health care products:


Nutracart is one of the leading online Healthcare Stores in India, which is primarily based in Hyderabad, Telangana. It is one of the fast paced expanding health care stores in India and features a huge variety of products ranging from personal care to wellness products. The products include Fitness & Nutrition, Beauty and Personal Care, Baby Care and Herbal Care.

One of the salient features of Nutracart is the ease with which the shopping can be done and the variety of payment options available at the website. It even features the best pet health care products too. The high quality of products ensures that the customers get the best products for their use at the most affordable price.


Another name in the online Healthcare Stores in India is the perfect choice for many if you are looking for several deals and discounts for your purchase. The variety of Healthcare product availability is good on the website, thus providing enough options for the people in making a purchase. Several other important features like Online chat with Doctors, etc. are a part of the salient features of the website.


One of the popular names in India market, the Netmeds is a venture of Dadha & Company, which is India’s most trusted pharmacies, having an experience of over 100 years’ experience in the field of dispensing quality medicines. This is one of the most trusted brands in the online healthcare market and can be considered as one of the best places for the shopping of health care products.


Another brand name in the online Healthcare Stores segment in India, kemis is another good option for people who prefer to buy their health care products online. Options for health care are somewhat restricted but still can be seen as a good option for the needs of the products during the times of needs.

Zigy Care

With the wide range of medical products featuring in the kitty, the Zigy Care is a good platform for the people to buy their health care products online. The shipment tracking and all other features are very good and the wide range of options lets buyers buy what they want.

The demand of the Online Healthcare Stores in India is increasing and people are now moving towards the online stores for their medical needs, which offer them several added advantages.

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