How To Avoid Back Pain During Pregnancy

For some women, the nine months of the ecstatic joy of holding a baby inside gets marred by back pain. Yes, back pain and pregnancy are related closely and there is no reason why you should suffer this ordeal. If you are looking for ways to avoid back pain during pregnancy, you are at the right place.

Back pain during pregnancy – know the reasons

A backache during pregnancy is a result of many factors. The gain in weight, change in the center of gravity and the relaxing of the ligaments of the pelvis are some of the reasons that lead to that excruciating back pain making your life more uncomfortable. Here are some simple ways to alleviate a backache and enjoy your pregnancy.

Right posture – The first thing that you can do is to correct your posture. The growing belly changes our center of gravity and in order to protect ourselves from falling we lean back, thus straining the muscles of the back. To prevent this, we need to practice correct posture to lessen the pressure on the back muscles. Stand straight with shoulder rolled back, chest high and knees flexed for better balance. Try to maintain this position when standing. Avoid standing for long. If your job demands you to stand for long hours, try to get a stool to rest one leg at a time.Image result for How To Avoid Back Pain During Pregnancy

Sleep in the right posture – the way you sleep may also affect your back pain. Instead of lying on your back, sleep on your side. Get small pillows to support your belly and the back.

Get right gear – ditch your high heels for flats. Wearing high heels may make you arch further back, thereby worsening the backache. Wear shoes that provide good support to your body.

Get physically active – being physically active during those nine months has multiple benefits including good mood, controlled weight gain, and an easy delivery.  Physical activities like walking or yoga would also help the muscles to relax and provide relief from back pain.

Lift objects properly – if you have to lift something from the floor, do so with the right technique. Squat down but do not bend at the waist. Do not lift with your back. Don’t lift heavy objects.

By following these simple techniques and getting medical attention whenever necessary you can get relief from backache and plan the happy arrival of your bundle of joy.

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