Why Flexible Funding Is a Best Practice for Medical Crowdfunding

Published On June 13, 2018 | By Anna McDonald | Health

A great proportion of all crowdfunding India projects are for medical reasons. Patients and their loved ones alike run thousands of fundraisers each year on medical crowdfunding platforms like Impact Guru to help raise treatment funds for serious illnesses such as cancer, organ transplant surgeries, cardiac care and prenatal and neonatal illnesses the new mother or the infant may suffer from.

This process is working without a glitch, with donors making their contributions to a medical cause they feel invested in through online payment gateways integrated into the crowdfunding platform website. They report feeling secure and safe to make these contributory transactions. Campaigners are also similarly empowered by the platform, which plays the role of an interloper of sorts, and lets them ask for help by articulating their stories of need and support in a credible space online. Essentially, the crowdfunding India platform opens up access to a communicative space for both donors and campaigners, who can interact with each other on that platform in streamlined and targeted goal oriented ways.

Medical crowdfunding India platforms like Impact Guru also offer their campaigners a flexible funding crowdfunding solution. This means that even if a campaigner is unable to reach his crowdfunding India goal while the campaign is live, he or she is allowed to collect whatever funds have been raised through the life cycle of the campaign. This is in opposition to the principle of “all or none” fundraising (which many crowdfunding bodies in the West adhere to). With all or none crowdfunding, a campaigner is not disbursed funds until and unless the campaign target is met, even if the total funds raised is only a little less than the target.

For medical crowdfunding campaigners in India, where there is no universal health coverage and getting healthcare at private hospitals is brutally expensive, the flexible funding crowdfunding India policy is a blanket boon. Some crowdfunding platforms in India that work with indigent sick people and their families also offer a benefit, which is that they can withdraw money from a fundraiser account whenever a need arises, and without waiting for the fundraiser to reach its closing date. This is naturally also without regard for whether the crowdfunding India campaign has met its target.

Many lives are saved because flexible funding schemes give patients access to treatment money readily. To get help with flexible funds, start a fundraiser on Impact Guru today.

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