10 Things Men Say in Bed that Make Us Cringe


(Disclaimer: Highly inappropriate content) I am convinced porn is responsible for the demise of my sex life at 39. I am not sure where men were schooled in dirty talk but there are just some lines that Venus-Fly-Trap the vagina faster than the E train. Here are 10 of my favorite lines in bed that […]

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7 Pitfalls To Avoid When It Comes To Sex


Sex makes the world go ‘round. Okay, maybe that’s overstating it a tad but it does permeate all areas of our lives—our sleep, our health, our happiness, our marriages, and the list goes on. When our sex lives are good, it seems that life is better. We’ve got more pep in our step, figuratively and […]

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6 Truths On How We Ruin Our Sex Lives

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I’ve been out on a few girls’ nights recently when the conversation has turned to sex and, ultimately, the great lengths we married women will go to in order to avoid it. Sadly, it can start to feel like another item to check off your “to-do” list, and my girlfriends and I have admitted that […]

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Is He a Sex Addict? 7 Signs to Look out For


It’s difficult enough being in a relationship. Throw in the words “sex addict” and you’ve got yourself a big hairy, ugly mess (and we’re not just talking the act of porn itself). While there’s plenty of resources out there for both the addict and his partner, we thought we’d break down a few tried and […]

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Congrats on the New Position – In Bed!


If your sex life is starting to feel a bit like your job, maybe it’s time you get promoted to a new position. In the case of your bedroom antics, don’t wait for someone to give you the go-ahead. Be assertive and grant yourself permission to rise to the top. (In some cases, “the top” […]

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