Moms We Hate To Encounter At School Pickup


School pick-up. Just typing that gives me shivers. I’m sure it differs for all of us but, in talking with other moms, it seems there are more similarities than differences. The parking lot is an absolute CLUSTERF*CK. You are seriously safer in a Whole Foods parking lot, vying for a space among the sanctimonious Prius […]

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6 Truths On Men Dating Women


Men are pretty basic creatures. Basic instincts like food and fucking can sustain us for ages. Most women already know their power over us, and we will do just about anything to get you into bed. That doesn’t mean we never commit or become serious, but you’ve got what we want. Here are some clear […]

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Let Go and Let Dog


I’m in the middle of a very bad cycle of depression right as I type this. Lucky you—you’re basically witnessing the equivalent of a live Tweet session of depression. #ManNotAgainThisSucksDonkeyBalls. Hey, @Depression, why don’t you go fuckyourself, eh? Depression ebbs and flows and right now, mine is flowing like the first day of a period. […]

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7 Tips to Do Every Day for Peace of Mind


In our hectic world, it can be easy to respond to everything that gets thrown in our direction. We might find ourselves getting things done, but we don’t feel peace. Here are 7 tips that really work to slow down, enjoy life, and actually get more done in the long run. Sleep: As counter-intuitive as […]

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10 Things Every Happy Couple Does Everyday


Being in a relationship is kind of like having an awesome body. We all might want one, but to really achieve it, we have to do the work. We have to go about our unions like an athlete with discipline, tenacity and unbridled commitment. This means forming every day habits that seem annoying and inconvenient, […]

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