They Have Guns But We Have Flowers


Sorry, terrorists, but we’ll always have Paris. Always. Paris isn’t a place as much as it is an indomitable spirit. It hurts so much to see the City of Lights in such turmoil but, at the same time, I can’t help but feel that love will prevail. Watching the people of Paris talk not of […]

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6 Indicators He Just Wants Sex


Men are pretty basic creatures. Basic instincts like food and fucking can sustain us for ages. Most women already know their power over us, and we will do just about anything to get you into bed. That doesn’t mean we never commit or become serious, but you’ve got what we want. Here are some clear […]

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Diary of a Type A Meditation


I’ve been told I’m a tad – uh – tightly wound. And, yes, this is a huge understatement. I’m Type A to the max with a flair for anxiety. I make it almost sound fun, don’t I? Well, it’s not. It’s like living everyday with no epidermis. So my therapist recommended I start meditating. I […]

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Kids You Don’t Want Your Kid To Hang With


Before you have kids, you think that once you become a parent, you’re going to magically love everyone else’s kids, too. Hell to the NO, people. If anything, the awesomeness (whether real or imagined) of your own offspring makes you more acutely aware of the douchiness of other kids. Let’s face it—despite their adorably miniscule […]

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Love The Life You’ve Got


I have what I like to call the “Ally McBeal Syndrome”. I know I’m dating myself with that show but, if you recall Calista Flockhart as the main character, you know that she was eternally dissatisfied with her life despite her many blessings. I know it’s not a good thing and I’m constantly trying to […]

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