Diary of a Type A Meditation


I’ve been told I’m a tad – uh – tightly wound. And, yes, this is a huge understatement. I’m Type A to the max with a flair for anxiety. I make it almost sound fun, don’t I? Well, it’s not. It’s like living everyday with no epidermis. So my therapist recommended I start meditating. I […]

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Kids You Don’t Want Your Kid To Hang With


Before you have kids, you think that once you become a parent, you’re going to magically love everyone else’s kids, too. Hell to the NO, people. If anything, the awesomeness (whether real or imagined) of your own offspring makes you more acutely aware of the douchiness of other kids. Let’s face it—despite their adorably miniscule […]

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Love The Life You’ve Got


I have what I like to call the “Ally McBeal Syndrome”. I know I’m dating myself with that show but, if you recall Calista Flockhart as the main character, you know that she was eternally dissatisfied with her life despite her many blessings. I know it’s not a good thing and I’m constantly trying to […]

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Breaking Up With A Toxic Friend


You hear people use “toxic” all the time in terms of relationships. To me, it has always seemed a bit dramatic but there are certainly times it fits. A toxin is a poison to our systems and toxic relationships can do the same. I had a boyfriend in college who was beyond toxic. Haven’t we […]

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Have ADHD?

Busy sidewalk

I told everyone I had ADHD. Missed your birthday? Sorry, I have ADHD. Was that the deadline? Wow. Sorry I missed that, but I have ADHD. What did you say? Sorry, I have ADHD and completely ignored you. Worked like a charm until my doctor told me I am actually Bi-polar 2, which can look […]

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Hot Yoga’s Dirty Little Secret


Hot yoga is my fremesis (that’s friend + nemesis in the overly done world of portmanteaus). Oh, how I love the feeling that I get afterwards. I emerge from the studio, looking like some sort of demented, red-faced, drowned rat. But I feel amazing. Screw you, Leonardo DiCaprio. I’M the king of the world! Before […]

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Dating and Texting: You Know You Do This


When dating, it’s safe to have more than four in rotation for distraction and self-preservation. When dating a gaggle of men, my text goes off incessantly like a doctor’s pager in 1988. When we date, we go through a mental Twister game with texting. It’s our only point of contact so it fucks with our […]

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