Watching TV with Hearing Aids

One of the problems that you may have discussed with your ear health provider is hearing the TV. You may have trouble following what is on the TV. Unfortunately, millions of people suffer from that problem. Most people spend a large part of their days watching TV. Inability to hear it may be a big inconvenience. Hearing aids may be the solution to that problem. Hearing aids help a lot of people with hearing loss to follow conversations on TV. Modern hearing aids may come with plenty of settings and a volume control button for convenience. You can adjust volume without disturbing other people.

Why Use a Hearing Aid?

 A hearing aid is an electronic device that helps people with hearing loss to cope. It can make sounds louder than they are to help people with hearing loss communicate. However, hearing aids have limits to how much they can magnify sounds. If there is extreme damage to the inner ear, a hearing aid may not be effective.

If you think a hearing aid may be useful to you, consult your ear care provider. They will find out the cause of your problem and determine whether or not you could benefit from hearing aids. They will give you a questionnaire to identify situations where you have difficulty hearing. One of them may be difficulty hearing your TV. ‘The technology for hearing aids ranges from basic to complex. It keeps evolving to make things easier for people with hearing loss.

Basic Hearing Aids Technology

  • Basic hearing aids may have volume control buttons to help you turn the volume of TV on or off.They may also have a button to reduce noise in the background. They have channels to process the incoming sound signal. Hearing aids with many channels are more flexible in programming. Noise reduction systems help you focus on sound from the TV. They analyze signals to detect noise in the background. If you are trying to watch TV in a noisy environment, this feature may come in handy. The impulse noise reduction feature serves the same purpose as digital noise reduction.
  • Feedback management systems help to reduce the whistling sound of hearing aids. The whistling sound can be annoying and distracting. If you are watching TV, the sounds may be a nuisance. It may make the wearer uncomfortable. Feedback management systems may reduce or completely eliminate the sound.
  • Frequency modulation (FM) compatibility is a feature that connects your hearing aid to FM systems. It is great because it improves the ratio of noise to signal. It makes sounds clearer.

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