How Vaping is better for Your Health than Smoking

Smoking tobacco kills. But how do you shift from this behaviour considering its addictive nature?

Well, before we answer this, we need to know why smoking kills and how v2 electronic cigarettes uk will solve the problem.

  1. Improves Your Health

Well, conventional cigarettes contain an addictive component known as nicotine. Other than its addictive nature, it’s not harmful by itself. However, you will need to combust your conventional tobacco to inhale this addictive compound. In the process, you will be exposing yourself to harmful chemicals and metal compounds like Nickel.

Vaping strives to remove combustion from the equation. As such, it will use e-liquids and flavours to offer solutions to your problems. Further, the vape will contain nicotine compounds. In this way, you get the same satisfaction without exposing yourself to harmful chemicals.

The benefit being, you can regulate the amount of nicotine in your vaping. You can start with a higher concentration and work your way down.

  1. Social Acceptance

All humans adore interacting with those they are close to. However, as a chain smoker, you are barred from undertaking some things in public. Say, you are on a long distance trip with your family, you cannot smoke in their presence. At the same time, you would inconvenience them to request them to stop on the way to satisfy your urge. This may make you feel uncomfortable.

However, in using the e-cigarettes a number of people will allow you to take your puff in their midst. After all, they won’t inhale any harmful chemicals. Such acceptance helps boost the quality of interactions with those who are close to you. In the end, you can boast of a good quality of life.

  1. Helps Protect Others

Smoking tobacco has the ability to affect your health and that of those close to you negatively. In fact, the passive smokers-those near you- will experience the same health complications as you.

If the smoke settles on their airway or lungs, they will experience respiratory problems. Inadequate air on their bodies may cause problems with the circulation of blood and air in the body. The resultant effects of this being either heart attack or stroke.

Further, tobacco contains 3000 harmful chemicals, of these 50 are carcinogenic in nature. As such, you will not only be exposing yourself to cancer but you’ll also expose your family and any other passive smoker nearby.

In adopting the use of e-cigars you are able to reduce the compounds you exhale. In eliminating the passive smokers, you will manage to boost their overall health conditions.

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