How To Kickstart Your Fitness Journey

Being fit and healthy is almost every person’s body goal. However, to achieve that you need to put some work and discipline both in training and eating healthy foods. Additionally, tailoring a perfect workout routine can be tricky at times.

According to health and fitness experts, when searching for the right training routine, ensure it ticks the following boxes; your fitness level, personality, and lifestyle.

You Cannot Get to a Gym

Well, worry not. You can still attain top fitness levels anywhere. Cycle to work or taking a walk are an example of some of the simple exercises. Additionally, you can join your friends for a kick about at the local park. If you are an indoors person, you can opt for bodyweight exercises such as pull-ups, pushups or even squats.

On the other hand, you can consider group training sessions which could be taking place within your region.

If Have Low Fitness Levels

The first piece of business will be looking for moderate intensity activities that will give you a healthier lifestyle. This is very essential for people who are deskbound or have adopted a sedentary lifestyle.

For instance, you can find small opportunities to workout during your daily schedule.  Additionally, you can get a pedometer and set goals for say 5000 steps daily. Besides, you can start with daily 10-minute walks increasing the walking time by five minutes after every week.

If You Are Social

Group exercises offer the best route to top fitness. It gives you an opportunity to workout around people with whom you bond with. Dancing is the most common activity in most training groups. Besides dancing, there are walking, hiking and running groups too.

Other than training, you will also get some time to get to connect with the rest of the team socially. This will help build a sense of accountability in you.

Hire a Professional

At times getting help from the best in business gets the job done well and correctly. If you are in limbo on where to start, you can hire a professional fitness expert or trainer who will able to tailor the best workout routine for you.

If it is too expensive, you can team up with a friend or two and hire a trainer or else join a fitness club with a certified trainer.

No Time

Nowadays most people have tight schedules shuffling between work and family duties from dawn to dusk. Nonetheless, that should not deter you from working out. You can still spare a few minutes during your lunch break to exercise. Talk of chair dips, lunges, and press ups are some of the exercises you can do while at work.

Still on the same, if you drive to work, you can switch up and cycle to work for say three days per week.

Don’t Have The Money

You can do bodyweight exercises at home or the local park. Additionally, you can purchase a few gym equipment such as dumbbells, skipping rope and resistance bands. The Internet too can come in handy in finding and learning how to do some exercises.

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