Types of hearing aids for hearing loss:

What is hearing aid?

The hearing aid is a small electronic device that is used to amplify sound. Its design is unique for people with hearing loss that help them to listen and communicate. They can participate in daily life activities with the help of a right selected hearing aid. A hearing aid can be used in both noisy and quiet situations and improve the self-esteem of patients. Most people use a hearing aid in only one ear at a time.

Components of hearing aid:

A hearing aid has three essential components, microphone, amplifier, and speaker. The device first receives sound through a microphone which converts it into electrical waves. Waves transfer to the amplifier where the power of these waves rises, and then they are transferred to the speaker, where they are converted into sound.

A hearing aid is not suitable for all people with hearing problems as they cannot heal in prolonged deafness. It is helpful to people that have lost their hearing ability by trauma accident, infection, or loss of hearing due to some genetic reasons. Some hearing aid devices help by conducting sound through bone. Basically hearing aid magnifies sound vibrations that enter the ear of the person and the person is able to hear clearly.

Types of hearing aids and how they work accordingly:

There are two types of hearing aid Analog and Digital both works differently. Let’s have a look at both of them.

Analog hearing aid:

Analog hearing aids amplify sounds in the same manner and are programmable for various listening surroundings. According to the environment, the settings of the analog hearing device can change accordingly by pushing a button. There is a microchip the performs differently for different situations. Such as one can modify the setting when sitting in a quiet place and alter it again if sitting in a noisy environment.

Yet, these analog hearing aids gradually turning off their traits and left behind by other modern hearing aids.

Digital hearing aid:

Digital hearing aids have advance and adjustable programs that make them high in quality. These hearing aids comprise all characteristics of analog programmable aids. Digital hearing aids settings can be modified by the hearing loss types and the severity of a patient’s hearing loss as some people face mild conditions and others face profound. Computer chips are present in digital hearing aids that transmit all types of sound waves and convert them into digital signals. One can enhance its administration throughout amplification proceedings. It is considered the best hearing aid so far as compared to an analog hearing aid.

Select your hearing aid according to your severity and conditionasking for the help of an audiologist.

Different custom styles of hearing aid:

There are three different hearing aid customs and each one of them carries differently.

·       In the ear style:

In-the-ear (ITE) hearing aids are custom fit and carry in the ear canal in which some are deeply in the ear canal while others might be close to the outer ear side.

·       Behind the ear style:

Behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids carry the top of the outer ear that sends the sound waves in the ear canal while locating on the top.

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