Top 5 Essential Oils Every Beginner Must Try

Essential oils are in trend not only for beauty and hair care but also for health care. From soothing cuts and aches to helping us sleep better, these naturally distilled components offer a wide array of benefits. But the problem begins when you hop around in search of the best essential oil.

There is a lot of information floating around about these essences; however, it is utterly difficult to choose the right one as a beginner. Indeed, it will be an overwhelming and confusing process.

Each oil offers some unique benefits, ranging from boosting energy, relieving aches to helping in soothing menstrual cramps and getting relief from congestion.

All of them possess antimicrobial properties; while some are antifungal, many others are antiviral or antibacterial. Since each of them contains different properties, they can be used for more than one issue.

But again, it is confusing to choose one for a specific purpose, especially when you are new to the concept.

Therefore, we have listed below a handful of the top essential oils you should start with. Read on.

Tea Tree

Botanically known as Melaleuca alternifolia, this oil is extracted and distilled from the plant widely found in Australia. It has a warm, spicy, medicinal, camphoraceous fragrance. Among several properties that it owns- are antimicrobial, antiviral, antiseptic, antifungal, and expectorant. You can prepare homemade hand washes, acne care products, insect bite ointment or spray, immunity booster products, and anti-dandruff shampoo and conditioner with tea tree essential oil as the key ingredient.


Scientifically called Lavandula angustifolia, it originated in France, Tasmania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Morocco, and Spain. Apart from permeating clean, fresh, subtle, floral, herbaceous scent, it offers Nervine, antiviral, antiseptic, analgesic, tonic, and decongestant benefits. This highly versatile and extensively used oil is excellent for skincare and perfumery, massage, insect bite, bath oil, cold, flu, and better sleep. If you seek calmness and relaxation, this one shall be your great companion.


Eucalyptus globulus has a sharp, fresh, herbaceous fragrance; and analgesic, antibacterial, antiviral, expectorant, and antispasmodic properties. You can add a few drops of it into warm water and inhale the steam for cold, cough, and congestion. Besides, it keeps your home free from insects and clears your mind. Simply blend it with a carrier oil and apply it to the chest for relieving congestion or any other affected area.


Citrus Limon originated in America, Cyprus, Israel, and Italy. It has a clean, fresh, sharp, and citrusy smell. Additionally, it delivers antimicrobial, antispasmodic, antiseptic, diuretic, tonic, and carminative benefits. It can be used in washes for cuts and bruises. One can also use it to treat oily skin and Lymphatic drainage. Lemon oil is an exceptional deodorizing, refreshing, and rejuvenating treasure. However, since lemon is photosensitive, it should be avoided on sensitive skin types, or you should avoid going out in the sun after applying it.


The clean, fresh, minty, sharp, and herbaceous scent of peppermint makes it the best choice for relaxing and calming your mind and spirit. Apart from that, among several benefits it offers, you can benefit the most from its antispasmodic, analgesic, carminative, digestive decongestant, nervine, and stomachic support. For acne, you can use its minute quantity in the facial steam; meanwhile, it will also relieve your headache or migraine. Doctors strongly advise avoiding it alongside homeopathic medications.

How to Use?

Inhale: The best and almost instant way to reap the benefits of Young Living essential oils is inhaling. This can be done by adding a few drops of these essences into your bathing water or taking steam with one of these oils in the steaming water. It is the easiest way to attain relaxation and freshness.

Diffuse: Numerous diffusers are sold in the market abundantly. So, choose the one you feel is right and use it to diffuse these essential oils and leverage their benefits. It is a way better option than using harmful chemical-based products.

Good essential oils are costly. However, not every expensive essence is of good quality. This dilemma puts beginners into a quandary where to invest their money. This guide is just for them, so they can also unleash the benefits of these organic treasures.

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