Reasons Why You Should Visit Your Podiatrist

Keep in mind that experiencing pain in your feet longer than a day is not something that should be considered as normal. This is why you should have your regular visits at the podiatrist, and if you need any suggestions, you can get help from Orthotic Solutions Podiatry. That is a great podiatry clinic with many podiatrists who will help you relieve the pain.

What is podiatry?

For those who are not familiar with the term, a podiatrist is a medical branch of doctors who specialize in the diagnosis, treatment and heath of our feet, ankle and the lower leg disorders. Everyone can be effected by feet problems, from an active athlete to the inactive people. Problems in our feet may also arise as the consequence of many systematic diseases; for example diabetes.

Podiatrists are here to help us relieve feet pain and cure our conditions

Sometimes the feet problems that we have can be managed personally at home with some ice, heat and lots of rest. However, the feet conditions that you can’t treat at home should be treated by a professional.


This is the most common outcome of having feet problems, and experiencing pain in feet, ankles or the lower leg can result in many conditions:

– Bunions can become swollen and sore because of the misaligned big toe joints together with the aggravation of your shoe.

– Blisters can be aggravated by the fiction of the skin against shoes.

– Broken bones and wounds

– Heel pain that can be felt particularly when there is too much stress impacted on your heel bone.

– Swelling, also known as edema.

– Heel spurs, that you can see as the growths of the bone that is under the heel bone. This does not usually case pain but it can.

Skin irritations and discoloration

Obviously, our feet should look the same in color, and if there is a difference it may indicate a problem:

– Infection

– Gout

– Decreased or inadequate blood flow

– Problem in our veins

Having often itchy feet might actually result in a bigger problem

If this is the case, a podiatrist will be able to help you determine the exact problem. A podiatrist should also be able to attend to all kinds of irritations on our feet skin, for example the Athletes Foot, which is a fungal skin disease and it starts from the bottom or between the toes, and it sometimes spreads to the rest of your body if you do not treat it. Symptoms are:

– Itching

– Dry and scaly skin

– Inflammation

– Blisters


These are some of the symptoms that may indicate that you have neuropathy, which will cause reduce sensation in your feet. It can also be caused by some conditions; for example diabetes can cause it and it is required to be monitored by a Podiatrist.

Flattened arches

This is another condition that may cause you to have painful feet, but it is not the last one. If you have fallen arches, that make your feet lay flat on the ground, it can cause a lot of daily pain and discomfort, which is when you should visit a podiatrist.

Final word

If you are searching for the best foot specialists Sydney you can easily find one just by visiting Orthotic Solutions Podiatry. While these are not all the foot conditions that exist, they are some for the most common ones. Evaluate the symptoms and make sure you visit your podiatrist if needed. Any small condition that foes untreated might result in something very serious.

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