A brief about Danabol DS

Danabol DS is a popular anabolic drug used by bodybuilders across the world. It is commonly known as Dbol, Dianabol, methandrostenolone and Blue hearts. Danabal DS is a real anabolic androgenic drug which is extensively effective in adding muscle group and strength. The drug stimulates androgen receptors and enhances protein synthesis and glycogenolysis. The movement of Danabol DS is faster in Canada, Australia, the U.S and U.K than other countries. The pure Danabol DS form is available both in injection and pills.

Danabol DS benefits:

Though there are a number of anabolic androgenic supplements available, Danabol DS remains as the choice because of its variety of benefits. It helps to gain lean muscle mass, increases strength and stamina. Since muscle protein is activated muscles develop faster with the drug. Such benefits made Danabol DS most wanted AAS among body toner and muscle builder.

Real or Fake Danabol 50 pills are used for bulking cycles. Dosing is required daily since it has only 5 hours as half life. Most of the users utilize the drug during the beginning of the cycle to jump start and hit the plateau. The Danabol DS dose varies from person to person based on the goal. It can be started from 10 mg and go up to 100 mg to attain maximum results. If you purchase a real Danabol DS, then 50 mg per day is quite enough for 4-6 week cycle. For the beginners, it is recommended to take 10-30 mg per day. When increasing the dose slowly, you can able to feel the difference and body’s acceptance of the drug.

How to find a real Danabol DS?

You can receive a real Danabol DS from the reputed suppliers of USA, Canada, UK, and Australia. But many black markets, underground labs, unknown websites sell the Fake Danabol. Such drugs are advertised as alternatives which could provide similar benefits with fewer side effects. D-Bal is one such alternative. Fake Danabol 50 pills available also loiter in the bodybuilding market. So, beware of the product, manufacturer, and reputation to avoid potential risks. Try to discuss with the professional, read articles and bodybuilding forums to acquire a proper knowledge about the drug.

Danabol DS side effects:

Long term usage of any anabolic androgenic drug will affect the testosterone production. As such Danabol DS decreases the production of testosterone in the long term usage. Since it is a strong androgenic, it induces clitoral enlargement, breast enlargement, stomach bloating, water retention, changes in the lipid profile. If you have a history of cholesterol, hypertension, and then Danabol DS should not be your choice.

Dbol can be stacked with Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators. SERMS perform on the estrogen receptors. Tamoxifen is a typical SERM that shields estrogen from joining with the receptors. Aromatase inhibitors such as Proviron, Letrozole, and Arimidex can be used that counteracts the estrogen production and binds the rest of the body. SERM and Aromatase inhibitors are the best options for post cycle therapy to speed up the revival process and ensure that the body obtains sufficient testosterone for the proper function.

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