How to Prevent Self-Sabotage

To prevent self-sabotage, you have to consider the pitfalls of your plan, and then think of ways to counteract them and fortify your efforts. You have to motivate yourself to meet your goals and to let nothing stand in your way. You have to be determined that you are not going to sabotage yourself because you want to succeed.

Leave Some Goodies in Your Diet

The chances are high that most of the food you like is bad for you. However, you can avoid sabotaging yourself if you leave some things in your diet that you can still enjoy on occasion. For example, you can perhaps have a burger or an ice cream cone once a week to reward yourself for the continuous work that you did on your diet. That will keep you motivated and give you something to look forward to so that you don’t feel deprived or resentful of yourself for dieting. Switching up a little bit can actually boost your metabolism.

Focus on Preventative Measures

Quite often there are speed bumps or hills we have to climb with our health routine right around the corner we either don’t see coming or just ignore until it is time to tackle the challenge. Preventative care is something growing in popularity for good reason. Making small changes in the present can save you tons of hassle in the future. Small diet changes like eating less sugar, cooking less red meat or even drinking less stimulants like energy drinks can have such a positive long term effect on your health. This doesn’t just apply to diet, using affordable and effective products like a standing desk or doing research to find back pain insoles can greatly improve your physical health and posture. They say sitting is the new smoking but making lifestyle changes now can lessen your risk for serious future health issues.

Stay Hydrated

When it comes time for you to work out, you can prepare yourself for the event so that you don’t sabotage yourself. First, make sure you stay hydrated and take your supplements and protein before you start. Secondly, take some good music with you to keep yourself going. Thirdly, visit the fitness center only every other day so that you can regenerate in between. That should protect you from burnout.

Eat at Versatile Restaurants

When you go out to eat during the week, only visit places that offer healthy choices or vegetarian meals so that you don’t sabotage yourself into eating something that’s not good for you. Hang around friends who are supportive of your healthy efforts instead of spending time with people who do not want to see you succeed.

Avoiding self-sabotage to increase your improvement efforts is all about doing little things that keep you interested, hopeful and motivated. Strategizing to make all of your efforts more exciting will help you no matter what you set out to do.

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