Physical Therapy as a Career According to Recruiters

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We all know that physical therapy is one of the vast arrays of medical professions that you can choose to practice. Some people call it physiotherapy and it involves a physical therapist, an expert that studies physical therapy and with the goal to help people recover from injuries and reduce pain that resulted in limited function or mobility of body parts.

The training involves various courses such as human biology, anatomy, kinesiology, and physics among others. Before we start talking about advantages and disadvantages of choosing this particular career, you should have in mind that the best way to find a job in the healthcare industry is by finding appropriate physical therapy recruiters that will help you along the way. Here you will know what physical therapy is as a career according to recruiters:


In the United States, if you want to become a physical therapist, you have to finish a graduate degree in physical therapy from some accredited college or university. Apart from that, if you want to practice it in general, you have to complete and take a national exam that will provide you with certification and license. Only then you can help others by practicing physical therapy.

What Do You Have To Do As Physical Therapist?

After you finish with the comprehensive training and obtain degree and license to work, you will be able to examine patients and to reach diagnosis and conclusions so that you can treat the problem and help the patients. Injuries tend to vary from individual to individual, as well as the type of disease and severity of the damage.

Benefits Of Being Physical Therapist


  • Excellent Salary – The first and foremost reason why you should choose this particular career is that of the possibility to reach the well-paid salary way better than any other type of healthcare industry in that level of education. Of course, money is not the everything you need, but you will be able to prove yourself financially and to provide you and your family everything a decent family requires. According to the latest studies, the median yearly salary is $80,000. However, you will be able to increase the wage based on your level of education, specialization, years of experience and place you operate in. Click here to learn more on PT salary.
  • Plenty of Job Opportunities – We are talking about the fact that we live in a world filled with unemployment and processes that replace people with technology and robots. For this particular career, you can rest assured because it is a secure job that will be in demand in the next decade. Since the growing demand is rising for a therapist, that happened because the number of injuries increased and immobility issues due to illnesses such as diabetes and arthritis.
  • You Can Work Wherever You Want – You will have lots of perspectives when you finish university and obtain the degree. The first and most important thing is that you can find a job between rehabilitation centers, hospitals, schools, clinics, nursing homes, fitness centers and many more. It won’t limit you to work in only one setting, and its versatility is another reason why many people choose this particular job for the future. Apart from different backgrounds, you will get different kinds of patients from children to adults and elders that suffer from a wide array of conditions. That will provide you with the ability to change and to avoid entering the dull hole of working the same job your entire life.
  • You Will Reach More Knowledge On Health And Science – Being a physical therapist means that you will have to read and learn new techniques and medical diaries that will help you improve and specialize. The therapist has enormous knowledge of how the human body functions, moves, on overall health and science among other things. That knowledge is a great thing to have especially if you want to improve in your work and open a private practice.
  • You Can Become Independent Soon After Graduation – If you have enough knowledge and initial capital that will help you open a private practice, you can start it as soon as you obtain the degree. The best thing about it is that your agency could only have you as an employee, which will reduce expenses and allow you to work by your agenda and preferences.

Disadvantages Of Becoming A Physical Therapist

  • Long Time In School – If you want to choose this particular career, you should prepare yourself for years in school studying and learning new things. When we compare an average undergraduate school takes approximately three to four years, but you have to pass additional studies and specialization too. It means that you have to complete an undergraduate degree, and spend time in physical therapy school to work and to gain knowledge s that you can obtain the license.
  • It Is Demanding And Requires Sacrifice – Have in mind that being a physical therapist means that you will have to give plenty of time and physical abilities to this particular job. Apart from staying fit which is mandatory because it will help you finish all duties on your job, you will have to ensure that you have plenty of concentration and physical strength. You can do it by eating a balanced diet and getting enough rest.
  • You Have To Renew A License Frequently – We have mentioned above that the only way to start working as a physical therapist is by obtaining a license after finishing an undergraduate degree. However, you will have to renew the license every two years, because that way state and federal organizations will ensure that you’ve learned new regulations and treatment procedures. In some cases, you will have to attend additional training and studying to renew the license again. Check this website: to learn how to apply for state PT license.
  • Education Costs – Going to an undergraduate degree in physical therapy is expensive, which means that you have to take a student loan because it is almost impossible to cover the entire tuition fee by yourself. Apart from that, if you decide to go to specialization, that means that you will have to undergo specialized training, which will take more money out of your pockets.

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