Kuta Lombok Guide: 6 Beaches to See while in Kuta Lombok

Published On September 29, 2020 | By Clare Louise | Travel

Let’s discuss the ultimate guide to Kuta, Lombok. Not to be confused with the famous Bali, this gorgeous place in Lombok is laid back and calm. There are also more bungalows, more coffee shops with Mediterranean style food, and bamboo straws. The people continue to be friendly, and it’s still a surfer’s paradise. It’s also the perfect jump-off point for many activities and beautiful beaches in the south of Lombok. Listed below are a couple of beaches to see while in Kuta Lombok.

  1. Bukit Merese (Sunset Point)

This view is popular with people to Kuta for two big reasons. It is just about a 15-minute scooter right away on mostly good streets, and the views are magnificent in each direction.

It’s most famous for the sunset since nearly all of the beaches around Kuta are south-facing. Therefore it’s one of the only ones where you can observe such a stunning sunset view close to Kuta. We’d recommend heading there any time of the day because so many strands of sand are built into a small area. The majority of them get a lot less love than the hill itself, which only will attract audiences at sunset. It is a stunning place to spend the whole day.

  1. Batu Payung

This umbrella-shaped stone is just a short drive over from the Sunset Point, or a long walk, even if you prefer. You may also take a small boat ride from the beach that takes 10-minute or so. You’re able to park your scooter closer to the stone and walk over the rocks and along with the tide pools. Upon reaching the rock, you may discover a few men selling coconuts. One of their market points is they will take photos for you, such as this one. Bad to have a photographer and coconut oil for Rp15,000.

  1. Mawun Beach

Mawun beach is famous because of its beauty and was my first stop while investigating Kuta’s beaches. It is only an Rp10,000 fee to park your scooter and take a look. Additionally, there are chaise lounges with umbrellas, which most of the other beaches on this list do not have.

  1. Tampah Beach

It’ll be your favorite beach because in the region for relaxing with no other people around. There was no trash, and the locals work hard to wash it every day. It’s not ideal for swimming because there is plenty of stones in the sport, but it could be added to its rugged charm. Additionally, there is this tiny beach hut for one partway down the shore!

  1. Semeti and Telawas Beach

Excellent for the sunset! You absolutely will love these two beaches for the sunsets and the unbelievable volcanic stone. You can climb around it, hand over the foot like a monkey, find something beautiful and new around every corner and bend. The beach is difficult to get to, as the others talked about in this informative article. The street is genuinely dreadful, and we would only recommend it if you’re fearless on a motorbike, or you can ask a local to drive you.

  1. Selong Belanak Beach

This beach is popular with surfers, and you’ll discover there are far more places to eat and hang out than the other shores. You will find lounges with umbrellas that you could rent as well. Those are just several of probably hundreds of beaches along the southern coast of Lombok. With all these hills and peninsulas, small coves, and side roads, you can spend weeks just detecting the beaches in the vicinity of Kuta.

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