Explore the Beauty of 5 Interesting Tourist Attractions in Likupang Indonesia

Published On September 29, 2020 | By Clare Louise | Travel

Likupang is a sub-district situated in North Minahasa Regency, North Sulawesi Province. There are lots of captivating tourist attractions in Likupang, and these are just five of them.

  1. Lihaga Island

The sand is white. The water is visibly clear. That’s a bit of Lihaga Island’s allure, which makes you unable to refuse to have a vacation there. For those who like diving or snorkeling, you must do it on this island, because the marine life is beautiful!

The waves on Lihaga Island will also be calm, so it is safe for activities. For those who like camping, you can stay on this island by preparing a tent. Oh, yes, this island is not inhabited, but it’s quiet, it is still secure, very to see.

You Can Begin your trip to Lihaga Island out of Manado, the capital of North Sulawesi. From Manado, you’ll go to Serei Harbor in Likupang. The trip is going to take about 1.5 hours by car. Then, From Serei Port, you’ll go to Lihaga Island by motorized boat. The journey is about 1 hour.

  1. Ganga Island

The same as Lihaga Island, Gangga Island can also be clear, and the water is clear. The coral reefs can also be fantastic. You will not regret coming to this island. The route to this island would be the same as Lihaga Island’s route since the two are near together.

If you want to stay on Lihaga Island, you need to establish a tent on Gangga Island. Then you do not have to. There’s already an inn here called Gangga Island Resort & Spa. It’s fascinating, staying in this hotel, as you’ll be treated to some view of the high seas. Whoopee!

  1. Bahoi Village

When visiting here, it is possible to explore the mangrove forests, love the white sand in Tanjung Kamala Watuliner, then have a boat down the ocean, and of course, dive. After diving, you can eat grilled fish served at the floating home.

You may also view traditional dance performances that you might like. If you wish to remain, you may also, since the citizens’ houses are changed into homestays armed with a pair of facilities.

  1. Larata Hill

Larata Hill is situated in Kinunang Village, the most famous village in West Likupang District. The visit to Larata Hill out of Manado town is very far, nearly 3 hours. It will be a tiring journey. However, when you reach the mountain, the exhaustion will be paid off.

The mountain is beautiful. It is relaxing, even when you sit. And, for people that are fond of photos, Larata Hill is absolutely an Instagenic place.

  1. Pulisan Beach

For people who like to visit the beach, don’t miss Pulisan Beach. The beach is fantastic, you know. The sand is white, and the water will be clear. Whether you just want to sit back, play in water or sand, or even have a speed boat ride, you can do this here. This beach can be in demand, so that photographers can hunt here too.

You will find two tourist attractions here, specifically Pulisan Cave and Pulisan Hill, aside from the shore. For those of you who like challenging tasks, you can try out climbing Pulisan Hill. There’s something unique about this mountain, specifically a white cross which stands on its shirt.

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