What You Should Know About Choosing Your Implant Size

Even if you are sure about your breast augmentation, your implant size can be a bit more difficult to decide on. After all, this is certainly something that you want to get right, particularly as they will be a part of you for quite a while. This is not a decision that you should rush. You will need to take the time to determine just what you want your final result to look like. Here are some guidelines that will help you with this conclusion:

Understand that Cup and CC’s aren’t Synonymous

Women are used to thinking about breast size in a particular way. This is because typically the only time you really need this information is when you are bra shopping. As such, women have gotten used to describing shape and size as ‘cups’. Cups are not very accurate as the actual size of a cup changes from manufacturer to manufacturer. Your doctor, instead, will be speaking to you about cubic centimetres or ccs. This is how the ‘size’ of breast implants Melbourne are measured. Typically, you will find ones ranging from 100 ccs to 1000 ccs. The most commonly requested ones, however, are around 300 or 400 ccs. To have a better idea of what you are looking for, you may want to familiarise yourself with what ccs look like.

Be Aware of Your Height and Proportions

One of the first things that your surgeon will consider when you go in for a consultation is your height and size. This will help to determine just how many sizes up you can go. For instance, someone who is taller may be able to pull off a larger size since it will be less obvious due to their height. On the other hand, a more petite individual may be overwhelmed by the same size. Body shape can also play a role. For someone who is naturally skinny, overly large breasts may seem inauthentic. However, for someone, who is curvy, they will seem more natural.

The other thing that your doctor may look at is the elasticity of your skin. If your skin is quite flexible, you will be able to take larger implants. If it doesn’t have much elasticity, an extreme augmentation may stretch the skin too much.

Know How Much it Will Weigh

What many people forget is that you are adding on weight whenever you undergo an augmentation. Of course, it is not an immense weight. Each cc is equivalent to around one millimetre. With smaller additions, the weight may be almost negligible. With larger ones, however, you will certainly feel it. You may even find that your posture changes to balance out the added weight. So, you are going to need to make certain that you can handle the weight that you will have to deal with.

You Can Test it Out

If you are feeling nervous about this decision, don’t be. There is a good chance that your doctor will let you try on your preferred augmentation on, at least for a while. This way, you will be able to see what you look like and figure out if you are comfortable or not. You will not have to make a judgement call without first seeing what the results may entail.

These health tips are what you need to know about choosing how small or large you want your breast augmentation to be.

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