Jonathan Lauter MD – How to Cope with Teenage Anxiety, Depression and Panic Attacks?

Being a teenager has its shares of highs and lows. This phase of life is fun, and you get to learn new things. You have just stepped out of your childhood, and you are about to become an adult. The biggest challenge that you face when you are a teen is handling your emotions. Your emotions are often hard to understand. You get hurt easily, and at times even your loved ones fail to understand you. This is where the signs of anxiety, depression or even a panic attack might step in.

Jonathan Lauter MD- coping with the woes of teen depression, anxiety and panic attacks

Often teens do not wish to consult their parents, and so they turn to their friends. Their friends are like them- inexperienced in life skills. They do not get the help they need to feel reassured. They land up feeling sad, depressed, confused and bitter. This, in turn, does not help them to feel better, and the woes of depression, anxiety and panic attacks take over their lives. Dr. Jonathan Lauter is an esteemed and reliable child and adolescent psychiatrist in New York. He says that most of the time teenagers are not even aware of the changes that are going on in their mind and body. They are scared to approach their parents primarily because they often get scolded and blamed for the emotions they openly share. The Jonathan Lauter MD team of experts counsel many teenagers in New York and they have helped them overcome general teen related issues with their compassionate attitude and approach.

The need to listen and be supportive

Dr. Lauter is with The American Psychiatric Association in the USA and has valuable experience in several teaching and administrative positions. He serves as a clinician at The Refuah Health Center in Spring Valley in New York. When it comes to teen depression, most young people are not keen to openly share their feelings and emotions to a healthcare practitioner. They prefer to keep their feelings to themselves. They often become very aloof and prefer to sit behind closed doors. Again, some teenagers suffer from anger issues and become aggressive in nature. This again can become detrimental to their mental development if not addressed on time.

Health issues caused by teen depression

Often when teenage depression and other issues surface, they become prone to petty crimes. There are many juvenile offenses committed by teenagers that have mental health issues like depression, loneliness, and excessive anxiety, etc. Parents should be proactive when they first notice the signs of teen depression in their children. If you are a parent and you recognize the signs of teen depression in your child, immediately consult a qualified adolescent psychiatrist for help.  The root of the problem is generally addressed by the psychiatrist so that the teenager gets the help he or she needs to combat the symptoms of depression, panic attack, and excessive anxiety.

The Jonathan Lauter MD team says that when you find that your teenager is staying alone and locked up in his or her room all the time, be supportive and listen. In case, your teenager does not want to open up to you, take him or her to a teen adolescent for help!


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