Intensive Outpatient Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Plans in Delray Beach, Florida

Delray Beach, Florida is known as the drug rehab capital of the country so such services in the area are of the highest quality. Rising above the rest in this competitive market, RECO offers an intensive outpatient program in Delray Beach FL. As a bonus, patients may enjoy one of the most laid-back beaches in the state.

Intensive Drug and Alcohol Treatment Without Sacrificing Freedom

Supervision from medical professionals during a period of extreme withdrawals can be done without inpatient detention. Emotions and mental health are greatly affected when attempting to come off drugs, so the intensive outpatient program Delray Beach FL branch of RECO will offer non-invasive surveillance by rehab professionals. Patients may also be referred to secondary treatment programs to aid with long-term addiction recovery. Each patient will be assigned a team that includes a therapist, doctors, behavioral health experts, and special case managers. RECO’s primary concern is the well-being of the patient as if they were a valued customer. 


Personalized Care

Every patient does not need to fear that they are going to be stuck in a system that does not care about them. As the intensive outpatient program, Delray Beach FL has ever seen, RECO attempts to go against the grain of institutionalized rehabilitating environments. Since the patients are valued customers, specialized care is given to each one of them. Going into an uncomfortable environment such has substance abuse rehabilitation is stressful enough without having to worried about being just another number in the system. The staff is trained with patience and individuality in mind when creating specialized treatment plans.


Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes

Giving meaning to a patient’s life will aid in their long-term recovery. RECO offers many excursions that will give the patient a different perspective of life. As an extension of the intensive outpatient program Delray Beach FL, RECO assigns patients to animal rescue operations, rope climbing courses, nature trails, escape rooms, and community service projects. Building teamwork and communication skills soothe the soul and have been proven to decrease the desire to relapse back into drugs. At the very least, patients will have the experience the satisfaction of socializing or helping others.


Group Sessions

Most experts would likely agree that group therapy is an essential component to treating mental illness (and that includes substance addiction). RECO does not force anybody into uncomfortable social situations and the staff will try to make the patient comfortable. Collaborating with a tight-knit community will hopefully give the patient a sense of altruism and sense of hope, allowing for the entire group to lift their self-esteem.

Group therapy also aims to help patients develop socialization techniques that will help with interpersonal relationships on the outside. Sharing experiences, feelings, and receiving criticism are important facets of socialization that may have been lost during their stint of mental illness. It is not uncommon for patients addicted to drugs for long periods of time to develop abnormal social habits.

Delrey Beach, Florida is known as the drug rehab capital of the country

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