Hydroxycitric Acid Vs Garcinia Cambogia – The Right Supplement for Your Use

It is important to determine the right way to consume hydroxycitric acid supplement tablets, capsules, caplets etc. before this you must learn the effectiveness and safety of the supplement. HCA or the hydroxycitric acid is an essential component that is known to enhance your weight loss efforts. Moreover, it is known for many other health benefits too.

The garcinia cambogia fruit and its components

Garcinia cambogia is a popular fruit found in Asia. This HCA is present in the rind of this special fruit. The supplement is under study these days due to the brilliant capabilities of producing weight loss benefits. The studies were conducted on plants to get great results. However, the same reliable results have not been noticed in the humans yet.

The dosage recommendation is a matter of great concern among consumers. The correct dosage varies depending on the manufacturers, brands and the milligram strength present in the supplement. The experts asked the users to take 1500 mg per day during the trials.

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The dosage recommendations of different brands

Most of the manufacturers ask the users to consume not more than 1500 mg of dosage every day. If you are a beginner, the lower dosage range that contains the chemical HCA is ideal for you. You must be aware of the potential after effects of the supplement. Ask the doctor whether it will interact with other medications. There are supplements that might even react with the herbal supplements.

If you follow the label instructions properly, it is safe to consume. Taking the medication could be harmful in the below situations:

  • You have some age related issues
  • You have been diagnosed with a crucial medical condition
  • You are consuming some prescription medications
  • The breastfeeding mothers
  • The pregnant ladies
  • Those who are suffering from heart problems and blood pressure related issues

Many a times, mixing and matching the supplement could provide brilliant results. However, you must consult your doctor even before mixing the natural or pure supplements. To be on the safer side, do not forget to read the labels, the uses of every ingredient added to manufacture the supplement and so on. There could be many reasons why you must consume the supplement.

You could enhance your stamina, reduce weight, and enhance the metabolism and much more. Besides this, there are many other weight loss products you could consider before proceeding ahead.

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