The EEOICPA Claims and how to avail them

There are numerous people working in the mining industry that is exposed to the radioactive substances during mining and weapon making. There are many people who suffer from the side effects of the radioactive materials. These illnesses need treatment, and the EEOICPA sets up various centers for the employees to claim their medical benefits. These centers provide optimal care and treatment for all the employees and their families. Here is all you want to know about EEOICPA.

The Centers for the EEOICPA Claim

DEEOIC or the Division of Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation set up 11 resource centers all around the country in the year 2001. These centers were set in a different location for the easier access of the employees that belonged to the different regions of the country. These centers have trained employees that help the claimants with the filling of the form and other kinds of paperwork that is required for the process. The services on these centers are also available through the phone making it, even more, easier for the people who cannot even have an in-person access to these centers. The basic aim while setting up these resource centers was to locate them in regions that were closer to the nuclear factories. The resource centers are in the places given below:

  1.    Westminster, Colorado
  2.    Dublin, California
  3.    Paducah, Kentucky
  4.    Idaho Falls, Idaho
  5.    Las Vegas, Nevada
  6.    Espanola, New Mexico
  7.    Amherst, New York
  8.    North Augusta, South Carolina
  9.    Portsmouth, Ohio
  10.    Richland, Washington
  11.    Oak Ridge, Tennessee

How Does It Work?

The regions to avail the eeoicpa claims have employees to help the present and the past workers of the nuclear power plants in claiming their benefits. The form filling is a very specific process, and a lot of details are required for the workers to prove that they have been exposed to the radiations. These assistants also help the workers who have lost their documents and did not have all the resources, retrieve their documents from the old records of the company.

It is not difficult to clear the claims of the present employees since most of their documents are available readily. However, the problems arise when the employees that have been exposed to the radiation years ago come to ask for their claims. The required documents for this process are:

  1.    The tax return papers
  2.    The pay stubs records
  3.    The written affidavits
  4.    Social security records
  5.    Any other employment records from the company they have worked for.
  6.    Medical reports from the doctors
  7.    Reports like biopsy ex-rays, CAT Scan, etc.
  8.    If the person is already dead, their death certificates are required.

Other Facilities Provided

There are some other facilities that can be availed by the employees in addition to the eeoicpa claims. The above documents can also be used to get the following claims from the company:

  1.    Home Modification
  2.    Medical travel reimbursement
  3.    Home health care requests
  4.    Any help in finding the doctor or a medical professional
  5.    Any other query related to the program and its benefits.
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