Addiction Recovery in Canada: What are my options?

Drug addicts and dependents have many options on how they would like to proceed in treatment.

In some cases, the person may just decide to stop on his or her own. With support from the person’s family and friends, they can help him or her overcome the desire to go back to taking drugs.

For many Canadians, however, this is only a temporary solution.

Quitting For Keeps

When it comes to quitting for keeps, many find it difficult to stop for good. This is why various programs were designed by drug rehabilitation centers to aid the person in overcoming his or her addiction.

One of a person’s options is to get treated and stay in a rehabilitation facility in a hospital or rehab center.

This ensures that he/she can completely stay away from possible drug sources and stay away from people who might influence them into taking drugs.


Outpatient Programs

Having outpatient treatments is also an option for a recovering drug dependent. This is appropriate for someone who has already completed an inpatient program and who is already allowed to come back to doing his daily activities or to someone who has already stopped taking drugs for some time.

Depending on your province, there are many options available with varying costs.

Drug rehab in Alberta, for example, rehab may cost at least 15 dollars a day, thus, $315 dollars for a 21 day program. There is also a program run by AADAC (The Alberta Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission) which is a fifty day program which is usually available only to oil field executives or those with comprehensive health benefits through their employer, costing thousands of dollars a month over and above the costs to Alberta Health Care.

Outpatient treatments usually include follow up sessions to monitor the person’s progress and to continue counselling the person to provide support.

Finding Support

For a person who doesn’t know where to start, they may wish to begin by getting in touch with phone counselors from various drug, civic and church agencies.

These phone counsellors are also trained in basic addiction counselling and can help the person recognize his need to get in touch with rehabilitation professionals.

Some rehabilitation centers also provide religious and holistic approaches to the programs that they offer. There are people who overcome their addictions faster through the help of their faith or alternative healing.

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