10 Signs You Need Treatment for Hydrocodone Addiction

Published On December 20, 2018 | By Andrew Williams | Health

When you suspect that you may be struggling with a hydrocodone addiction, it can be difficult to be honest with yourself regarding the problem. Regardless of how or why an individual began taking hydrocodone, many eventually become addicted due to the potent nature of this and other opiates. Unfortunately, addiction often happens slowly – resulting in a condition that is not noticed until it has a firm grasp on your mind. There are, however, several important signs to look for when considering whether you may be addicted to hydrocodone. By evaluating yourself and your behavior honestly, you can determine what next steps are necessary regarding your health and treatment.

1. Cravings for Hydrocodone

If you are experiencing significant cravings for hydrocodone, you may want to consider whether you are developing a dependency or addiction on them. Thoughts of when you will next take hydrocodone may consume your thoughts, or you may find yourself taking more of the drug more frequently. Both of these can be signs of addiction. You may also develop a tolerance to the drug and require more for the same effect.

2. Mood Swings

You may notice your mood is less positive than usual when you are not using hydrocodone. Perhaps you are more irritable or angry than usual, or your mood may possibly change from positive to negative easily. You might also find that your mood improves only with hydrocodone.

3. Hiding your Usage

This is particularly important if friends and family have previously voiced concerns regarding how much or how often you are taking hydrocodone. If you are lying about taking hydrocodone or taking the pills in secret, it may be time to consider that you might be addicted to the pills.


4. Seeing Multiple Doctors

You may also hide your usage from your doctor in a variety of ways. One of the common ways people do this is by seeing multiple doctors – often resulting in receiving multiple prescriptions. You may also go to multiple pharmacies for the same reason.

5. Poor Performance in Work or School

Although you may feel mentally fine, your performance in either work or school can be an indicator that you are struggling with an addiction. You may find that your performance in both is suffering due to hydrocodone.

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6. Sedation

If abusing hydrocodone, you may find yourself becoming tired after taking the drug and falling asleep or “nodding out.” This can occur more frequently if you are taking larger doses. You may also find yourself experiencing altered mental states due to sedation such as confusion and apathy. Physical symptoms like dizziness can also occur.

7. Withdrawal

If you attempt to quit without medical assistance or go too long without taking the drug, you might find yourself experiencing withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal includes anxiety, shaking, sweating, and insomnia. If you experience these symptoms when not taking hydrocodone you are physically addicted to the drug.

8. Chronic Constipation

Like most opiates, hydrocodone can cause constipation. When taken as recommended this is often not severe, however, when abused it can cause chronic constipation.

9. Dangerous Behavior

You may find yourself taking dangerous risks while taking hydrocodone if you are addicted. You might drive your car despite being high, or may go to work or school while under the influence of this drug.

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10. Inability to Stop

When addicted to hydrocodone, it is difficult for many people to stop taking the drug. When they attempt to quit, they experience physical and mental withdrawal symptoms. You may experience uncontrollable cravings and an inability to stop despite the drug causing negative effects on your life and relationships.

If you suspect you are suffering from a hydrocodone or opiate addiction, consider treatment. Opiate addiction is extremely common and can be treated through a variety of methods to allow you to reclaim your life from drug addiction and dependence.

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