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Published On February 10, 2017 | By Gerardo Sanders | Health

In the present times, drug abuse is a major cause for concern and has an adverse effect on society in general. Although students comprise of a large section of drug abusers, grown-ups also capitulate to drug abuse. In fact among the middle-aged people there is an inclination to abuse prescription drugs.

Heather Taras is a 19 years young student at Seattle Central University who is working in order to earn an associate degree in applied science under the Social and Human Services program. She states that her love for serving the community has inspired her to take up this program so that she can be one step ahead to become a drug counselor. Having seen many lives changed with good mentoring after struggling with an addiction, she has been motivated to help others in the same way.

According to Heather Taras Drugs abuse can be combatted by making the abuser aware of the damage that it causes to the body. Most abusers have absence of self-confidence and thus, it becomes important to teach them so that they can become a master of the circumstance and not a slave to addiction. Heather says that substance abuse requires immediate attention and constant denial of the condition will not help the victim to get out of the condition that they are in. Seeking professional help or speaking with a drug counselor can actually help.

Mentioned below are some of the job responsibilities of drug counselor:

  • Teaching individuals on how to modify their behavior
  • Evaluating the health of the clients and substance problem
  • Providing guidance and support to the family members of the client
  • Educating clients on coping mechanisms
  • Recognizing problems and creating goals as well as treatment plans
  • Assisting clients find jobs or rebuild their career
  • Referring clients to support groups
  • Setting up after care plans

Thus, it can be said that drug counselors help their families and patients through the procedure of recuperation and recovery from alcohol, drugs, and other substance and behavioral obsessions. In addition to all the job responsibilities mentioned above, drug counselors may need to possess knowledge of alcohol and drug testing to make sure a patient is abiding by the medical orders and treatment plans. These counselors often need to work directly with nurses, doctors, social workers and other health care specialists to provide patients with wide-ranging treatment and therapy.

Heather Taras Drugs abuse can also be combatted by enrolling in the organizations and institutions that assist drug abusers get rid of the habit. However, Heather states that the support of family and friends is of main importance. Most importantly, an abuser must be dedicated to part with drugs. In fact, drug counselors and doctors are a drug abusers greatest supporter in the battle against addiction.

Apart from dreaming of becoming a drug counselor, Heather Taras is a great fan of Korean pop culture, and she loves to spend her pastimes watching K-dramas and likes to sing or play loudly hits in karaoke clubs.

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