Six Tips for Homebound Seniors to Stay Happy and Healthy

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According to census data released by the Canadian Govt. back in 2016, senior citizens had outnumbered children in the country by a significant margin. Figures showed that there were 5.9 million Canadian senior citizens compared 5.8 million Canadians who were under the age of 14, that is, children.

Projected figures mentioned that by 2031, around 23% of Canadians would be seniors and by 2061, the ratio would be 12 million seniors to eight million children.

Clearly, the older generation already has attained a major share of Canada and according to estimates, the share is about to grow. As the supporting pillars of future Canada, seniors undoubtedly have to be cared for and nurtured well.

According to Dr. Matt Cooper of Halo Healthcare, having raised younger generations and having possibly completed their professional life, seniors are more likely to get lonely and depressed in their lives, especially ones who are single and are spending most of their time at home.

It is important for the seniors to be self-sufficient and to take care of themselves in order to lead a healthy and happy life, as children may have limitations.

For that all you need to do is follow a few steps.

According to recent studies, a majority of the Canadian seniors were found to be happier and more satisfied in their lives than any other age group.

Here are 6 tips for you to be a part of the satisfied group.

Ensure healthy meals

First and foremost, you need to ensure healthy meals three or four times a day, or as needed. A balanced and nutritional diet will not only help you remain healthy, but it will also help you feel better and more energetic. Besides, it can help you keep additional health issues at bay including diabetes, high blood pressure, osteoporosis and the like.

You can ensure nutritional food by keeping a close watch on the nutrition fact labels of food items that you buy and consume. Additionally, you can also consult a senior care consultant to get a customized diet prescribed and stick to it.

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Increase movement around the house

Light exercise is always recommended for senior citizens on a regular basis. It is proven to provide more energy and enthusiasm throughout the day. It also helps improve your mood and provide relaxation, not to mention smoother digestion and bowel movements. The benefits of light exercises like slow walking are manifold.

Exercise need not be planned and practiced for a fixed duration every day. It could while performing small chores around the house or running errands. Instead of driving you can choose to walk.

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Exercise your mind as well

Just as important as physical exercise is exercise for your mind. Aged minds are more prone to neurodegenerative and mental health disorders such as dementia and depression. Thus it is important to keep your mind active by engaging in creative and thought provoking activities, which could be hobbies like painting, or drawing and even reading, or solving teasers like crossword puzzles. The important thing is to keep your brain active and working regularly to reduce the risks of possible cognitive deterioration.

Relax to reduce stress

Being homebound seniors, you are more likely to get stressed for many reasons including loss of friends or changes in your relationships with children, physical limitations etc. It is very important to keep such kind of stress at bay and allow your mind to relax and unwind. Mild meditation exercises, evening walks with friends or neighbours reading etc. can help relax and get your mind off stressful thoughts. Just spending time with friends or family or watching your favourite TV shows can be quite relaxing and can reduce high blood pressure levels, heart rates and optimize stress hormones.

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Eliminate unhealthy habits and practices

While young, you may have developed several bad habits like smoking or alcohol consumption. However, as you age it is inevitable that you reduce and eventually eliminate such unhealthy habits so as to avoid health hazards like severe lung diseases or other respiratory issues, diabetes and osteoporosis. Sometimes, patients of chronic pain may have been treated with medications involving opioids which can turn out to be highly addictive. Hence, ensure that you take the medication only as per prescribed dosage instructions.

Stick to daily routines

Last but not least, you can follow a fixed daily routine every day in order to your metabolism levels optimized. Follow healthy habits of waking up moderately early, brushing, having a healthy breakfast, taking medicines. Follow a routine for recreation activities as well, including going for walks to walking a pet or meeting friends too.

A routine that you are comfortable with can help you stay relaxed and in better control of your life.

Follow these 6 tips to achieve or maintain a happy, healthy and relaxed senior life.

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