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Published On February 15, 2017 | By Anna McDonald | Beauty Care

It’s that time of the year again, where you enjoy the chilly wind, drinking hot beverages, and feel cosy in blankets. But also, feel the sting of dry and dull skull.Yes, Winter is Here!! On the top of it the pollution, unhealthy eating habits and stress of fast life makes it even hard to maintain it.

It is said your skin is the reflection of your inner soul. Whatever you eat, however you are feeling, what kind of mood are you in- everything is seen on your skin (especially face).


Skin care is very important because it reflects your appearance. There are skin problems like acne, moles, hives, psoriasis and eczema etc which can be faced by any individual depending on which environment he or she live, pollution level, and their daily routine. In India major portion of people suffering from skin problems are from metro cities, because pollution is increasing day by day.  So people visits or consults a skin specialist to get rid of skin problems. You will find good and experienced skin specialist in Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Pune and Ahmedabad etc.

Here are some tips for you to look younger and glowing:

  • First and foremost thing, is keeping oneself hydrated. Drink lots of water. It enriches the skin by dissolving impurities. Also fresh juices and healthy drink, strengthens your overall health.
  • Another way to enrich your skin is to use moisturizers. Prefer natural moisturizers such as coconut oil, aloe vera, olive oil, glycerine over market bought chemical moisturizing creams. Use home-made masks rich in Vitamin C for example that made from lemon or orange peel, they will help you prevent dryness.
  • “EAT HEALTHY, EAT RIGHT” – Always hear these words but implement them this winter. Seasonal vegetables and fruits are a good way to start. Include food rich in Vitamin E like almonds, walnuts, apricots in your diet. Increase intake of ‘good fat’ to keep your body internally moisturized.
  • Who says sun light harms only in summer. Over exposure to sun in winter though feels great but it also darkens your skin and make it drier by stealing your moisture. Use proper sun block. SPF30 or higher is recommended. Apply it at least 30minutes before you step out in the sun. This protects your skin from wrinkling and premature ageing.


  • Hot water baths seems most tempting during winter season. But it can do more harm than good. Taking bath with water that is too hot will make you lose your natural oils. Luke warm water would do the trick. It will soothe you while keeping natural oils intact in your skin. Be gentle to your skin!!
  • Avoid fried and oily foods. Eating junk can make your skin look rubbish. Pimples can be a side effect of consuming fatty food and can cause acne. It is best to avoid their intake because your skin is the mirror of your body.
  • Exfoliate once or maximum twice a week to remove dry skin cells. But don’t go overboard.
  • Take proper rest, sleep well. Nothing adds to the glow of the skin than a good night’s sleep. Proper rest regenerates your skin and decreases dark circles.

So this winter season follow above techniques to keep your skin and yourself glowing. Drink lots of water, keep skin moisturised, eat healthy, take proper rest and BE MERRY and be Skin-friendly.

Don’t let winter steal your radiating skin!!




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