Does Workplace have the Right to Check Employee’s THC LEVEL?

After legalisation of weed drug in Canada, the most significant question is that whether the employers can do anything with their employees who get high on this drug during working hours. So far the government has tacked situations like drug driving or the age limit for purchasing marijuana, but this biggest problem is yet to be solved. Can the employers monitor drug level so that the workplace does not get affected by excess use of marijuana? As the workplace is considered as safe haven for employees so they have to frame the rules carefully about the use of marijuana. Nowadays one can easily get weed online Canada.

Awareness among employees

The employees are aware of the limitations of checking THC level. The test kits are available and those can detect stoner’s THC level if he/ she have consumed weed strains within a week then the test result comes positive. Blood test is the most effective way to check the level of THC in blood though it can only give accurate result if the test is done within 24 hours for occasional stoners or it can be found out till 10 days if the person is frequent user of this drug. The employer may accuse if the person is creating nuisance in the workplace by taking too much of weed.

Should drug screenings be stopped?

As the law has permitted stoners to take cannabis, so it cannot be mandatory. But the employer might ask the employee to undertake the drug test when only it is necessary. If the employee misbehaves with others or any kind of mishaps occur in the office because of him. But relax you still take weed strains as per your choice to decrease any ailment and you can get weed online Canada.


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