Maintenance Of Imaging Equipment

The maintenance of this medical equipment like video imaging medical equipment is always recommended to be done with the manufacturers. They are the ones who have access to spare parts in the shortest possible time. But not only that, they have access to updates and also all the equipment documentation. It is recommended that you always carry out maintenance with an exclusive brand representative or do it with an authorized distributor qualified to service the machines.

What Is Essential Within The Maintenance Is The Coverage: What Type Of Contract You Will Have With The Supplier.

The most important thing is that your contracts are directed to have the equipment running as long as possible. When you are going to hire equipment maintenance, you have four basic modalities:

There Is No Maintenance Contract:you operate the device, and when it breaks, you call someone to repair it. This is always the costliest option and the one that causes the most damage. Thinking about radiology clinics, the equipment has to be available for as long as possible to have the best profitability.

Maintenance Contract Without Parts: it consists of the engineering technician’s visit to carry out preventive maintenance; however, if there is a need to exchange parts, the replacement value is not foreseen. The technician will send an additional budget to evaluate and obtain the resources to replace the part.

Maintenance Contract With Intermediate Parts:this contract meets preventive and corrective maintenance. For imaging equipment, some parts are excluded from these contracts. For example, x-ray tube, ultrasound transducer, some magnetic resonance coils.

Maintenance Contract With Complete Parts: maintenance and all parts are included in this modality.

Yes, it also happens. However, the price will vary according to the logistical difficulty. It is up to the clinic manager to evaluate the impact of the stopped machine on its functioning. Sometimes, when you have a maintenance contract, it may not cover the loss or vice versa. It is important to weigh how much the financial loss costs by not billing exams to the existing contract options.

What Type Of Maintenance Is Most Recommended For Diagnostic Centers

Predictive, Preventive, Or Corrective Maintenance?

All three are necessary. Corrective maintenance is one that we don’t expect, the problem happens, and you need to perform it. The more preventive maintenance you do, the less corrective you will have.

Preventive maintenance is maintenance that you do from time to time, and you replace parts before they break; it is a preventive inspection.

Predictive maintenance is the best of all worlds; it is the best scenario. However, we do not always have the technology available for this. It can predict how and when a failure will happen, enabling the exchange of parts at the right time.

The best maintenance that exists is one that is a good balance of the three types of maintenance. It does not have as much corrective maintenance as possible, has a preventive maintenance plan in place, and has a predictive maintenance plan for the most critical items.

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