Insights on Orthodontic Treatment

The term Orthodontics is a Greek word that means ‘to straighten teeth.’ It is a dental treatment that aims to improve the appearance, position, and function of abnormally arranged or crooked teeth. Straight teeth and a correct bite reduce the risk of future dental problems and help you to smile more confidently.

Orthodontic treatment can be very beneficial for many reasons. Correcting the misaligned teeth can have long-term benefits. The long-term wear, the function, the periodontal status, and the aesthetics can all be improved with orthodontic treatment.

Whether you are considering getting orthodontics treatment or want to understand your options and costs of the procedure, you should make an appointment with the dentist in Parramatta to discuss your options.

When An Individual Requires Orthodontic Treatment?

  • Bite Problems: Crowding, cross-bite, and over-bite are all bite issues that can be fixed through orthodontic treatment by the Parramatta dentist.
  • Extra Teeth: The extra tooth pushes out the other teeth out of the alignment. The orthodontics treatment can fix this by recurring the further tooth to their place.
  • Trouble Speaking, Chewing or Biting: If you have bitting and speaking problems because of the jaw alignment issues, you can fix it with orthodontic treatment. These braces will be push to your teeth at proper position.
  • Thumb Sucking:Kids who slurp their thumb after their adult teeth have come in will probably need orthodontic intervention. This habit can cause the upper incisor teeth to protrude while the upper jaw constricts.
  • Spacing: If you have gaps between your front teeth, orthodontics can help push it closed, giving you a more appealing smile.

What Are The Types Of Orthodontic Treatment?

  • Ceramic Braces:

Ceramic braces are a popular choice for adults because they are less noticeable than traditional metal braces. Ceramic braces are an ideal choice for children or teenagers who feel self-conscious about metal braces.

  • Lingual Braces:

Lingual braces are invisible. These types of braces are 100% personalised to match the individual contours of your teeth that ensure they are as comfortable as possible. Lingual braces offer better hygiene than conventional braces.

  • Metal Braces:

Traditional metal braces are still the most common treatment option for children and adults. The metal braces are high-quality stainless steel or titanium. It is made up of three parts: brackets, arch-wire, and ligature elastic.  Once the braces are placed in your teeth, they constantly pressure your tooth, and the force of the compression helps move teeth into proper position. At each appointment in the Parramatta dental clinic, your dentist may tighten the arch-wires. Apart from other orthodontic treatments, metal braces are the cost-effective treatment for orthodontic patients.

  • Clear Aligners:

It is an alternative to traditional braces and designed to help guide into their proper position. The clear aligners give gradual force to control tooth movement but without brackets or metal wires.

Fix an appointment with the dentist in Parramatta and learn more about how braces can enhance your smile!

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