How To Match Your Bike to Your Lifestyle?

Whether you are still a youngster, or have reached full-blown adulthood, riding a bicycle is one of the enduring pleasures of life. Spending time in the outdoors, getting some exercise, and having some fun are all part of the experience. Things get even better when you have a bicycle that perfectly fits your body and your lifestyle. Then it is just a matter of getting on your bike and going for a ride. A neighborhood bicycle is a bike style that takes you on short rides around your community. This could be down to the local store to pick up a few items, a gentle cruise around the streets and sidewalks of your area or an excursion to a city park. Choose a bike that is comfortable, that shifts into the gears you need for each mile of your journey and that is an extension of your personality. Choose your favorite color and add the accessories—mirrors, horns, bells, baskets, lights, phone holders—that make sense for you.

The Top Bike Choices for Seniors

Those who have reached a certain age will have strong ideas about what they want in a bike. There’s probably no need for a stingray with a banana seat, but you still want a bike that increases your enjoyment when you are in the saddle. The best bikes for seniors emphasize the following features:

  • Comfort
  • Reliability
  • Stability
  • Affordability

Many seniors like bicycles with traditional handlebars, a comfortable seat and solid tires. City bikes are easy on the back and shoulders while providing a smooth ride. Whether you have been riding for years, or are taking up biking after a hiatus, you can find an ideal bike for your needs. A good bike allows you to go slowly and to enjoy the sights along the way, or you can pick up a bit of speed to blow your hair back (under your helmet, of course). For the best results, a custom bike gets you exactly what you have dreamed of.

Great Bikes for Beginners

Not everyone has kept up their bike riding habits into adulthood, but that’s no reason not to start anew. It’s a great form of exercise and biking promotes a healthy lifestyle. When looking for bikes for heavy guys you want to make sure the bike will be comfortable and that it will hold up to your size. On the technical side, bike mechanics have tools that measure the bike to fit your weight and height. The right bike will probably have a wide saddle for extra comfort, a step-through frame that makes for easy on and off, robust brakes for solid stopping power and an ergonomic frame. The good news is you will have a variety of styles that fit your body shape and allow you to do the type of riding that suits you, whether it is to the neighborhood park or an epic journey on a bike trail or roadway. You always have the choice of customizing elements of your ideal bike. When you buy online, you get easy assembly and time to make sure the bike is right for you.

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