What can you treat in an online clinic?

Telemedicine – depending on how a particular clinic or online clinic works – offers a lot of treatment options.

From monitoring the health of patients, through extending prescriptions online and making diagnoses, to immediately taking action to save those affected by, for example, strokes.

Telemedicine solutions work, for example, in the USA – where they are used to maintain care for patients living far away from clinics or hospitals.

However, the most popular in the world is the practical side of telemedicine: the possibility of medical consultations at any time, with a prescription delivery.

This is especially important for people who regularly take specific medications, and hence – they often need to visit a doctor and answer some follow-up questions just to get a prescription delivery.

The online doctor works especially in the case of embarrassing diseases: various types of acne (especially rosacea), fungal diseases or intimate infections (also sexually transmitted).

Telemedicine allows for faster relief of patients and additionally removes the element of shame during direct contact with a doctor.

But these are not all diseases that can be treated with telemedicine. These can be, for example:

  • problems with hypothyroidism ;
  • relief of menopause symptoms ;
  • help to stop smoking ;
  • the trouble with potency or premature ejaculation ;
  • cystitis ;
  • allergy ;
  • or consultation on prescribing hormonal contraceptives online.

And this is only a small portion of what online clinics like Dimedic offer.

Online consultations with general practitioners are appearing more and more, who help assess health and, for example, help treat colds, flu or other diseases that affect everyone.

This saves you time in queues and a lot of nerves in situations where you cannot sign up to a GP within 5 minutes after opening your surgery.

Especially that telemedicine introduces a new quality in treatment: availability around the clock, 7 days a week and – no less important – no queues.

However, if it is so perfect, one question may arise:

Who Does Telemedicine Help?

Telemedicine offers convenient solutions for a wide group of patients.

As it turns out – in addition to very specific forms of care, people who value their time are eager to take advantage of distance medical visits.

Among the most important telemedicine target groups are:

People suffering from “shameful” diseases

This is largely due to the burden of being present in a particular clinic.

This type of stress can not only negatively affect the patient’s health, but also the course of medical consultation.

Health problems such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, venereal diseases, genital mycosis, depression, and various unsightly dermatoses – thanks to telemedicine, their diagnosis and treatment can be much easier for the patient.

Patients suffering from chronic diseases that reduce mobility

Thanks to telemedicine, they can regularly consult a doctor without leaving home.

It also means that they do not have to visit the clinic or hospital every time to get a prescription delivery for medicines that they have to take for many years.

These conditions include hypertension, diabetes, atherosclerosis, psoriasis, and acne.

Women using hormonal contraception or hormone replacement therapy

In many cases, these types of visits may be limited to basic interviewing and analysis of previous tests.Online medical consultations allow you to save a lot of time – not just waiting for the consultation in the clinic, but also getting to the doctor’s office.

Inhabitants of smaller towns, including sparsely populated areas

Telemedicine for many of them became a revolution and significantly improved the quality of life and the availability of medical care.

In a situation where the nearest doctor’s office or clinic is distant by many kilometers, telemedicine visits significantly improve the quality of life and allow for earlier diagnostics.

People with reduced mobility

For older people or people with severe mobility limitations (age, chronic illness, etc.), telemedicine makes it easier to keep in touch with a doctor and monitor health in a much easier way.

Patients who value their time

Many consultations or medical visits are limited in time and territory.

In larger cities, queues to specialists or even GPs do not allow for quick diagnostics.

This is an additional advantage of telemedicine consultations: they enable contact with the doctor at a time convenient for the patient, and in a much shorter time than in the case of a stationary clinic.

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