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Published On July 10, 2017 | By Janel Turner | Health

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Here is a product which could be the answer to all your back pain problems. Pain in your back can prevent you from getting anything done effectively during the day, particularly when this pain interferes with your sleep. A HolisticShop Knee Pillow is a small contoured and shaped cushion made from memory foam and covered in high-quality machine-washable fabric. The product comes with an instruction sheet explaining exactly how to use it for the best results. The best thing here is that there is currently a promotion running on Amazon where you can get 25% off the HolisticShop Knee Pillow if you buy even just one. When you order more than one you still get 25% off. Just enter the code ALRNLQW8 at checkout. This promotion is for a limited time only, so get yours quickly.

TheHolisticShop Knee pillow is a foam contour cushion. It is ergonomically designed and manufactured from the highest quality materials and to the highest standards. It is durable and will provide hours of comfort. Sleeping with the Holistic Shop Knee Pillow keeps your legs, spine and hips in perfect alignment while improving your circulation.

  • This knee cushion is designed to fit comfortably between your knees and legs as it lends maximum comfort and support during the night, enabling you to get a good night’s sleep.
  • The HolisticShop knee pillow is recommended by all physical therapists, sports coaches, doctors and chiropractors. It is particularly recommended for use post hip, knee, ankle or back surgery.
  • HolisticShop is so confident in the quality of their Knee Pillow they offer an unconditional 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your purchase.Image result for HolisticShop Knee pillow review
  • Research into sleeping patterns shows that about 41% of people sleep in a fetal position, on their sides. Interestingly, twice as many women as men sleep this way. It is said that this is the healthiest position in which to sleep as it allows the spine to align naturally. If however you suffer from hip or back pain, or you have spine problems, you will find that sleeping in any position is difficult. The knee cushion is a surprisingly simple solution. It will help to relieve hip and back pain. Problems with sciatica and leg pain are also eased. Remarkably, joint pain will also be lessened when using the knee pillow while relieving the pressure on your lower back.

The cushion is recommended by doctors for pregnant women, where there is constant pressure on the spine, in order to help them get a good nights sleep.

A memory foam, contour support wedge, knee pillow placed between the knees will help with so many problems caused by a stressed lifestyle. Most of us experience back pain at some time in our lives. Your back and muscles need to be strong and stable, so correcting the position you sleep in and relieving pressure on your spine goes a long way to achieving this.

Good sleep and good posture are key, as poor posture causes ligaments and muscles to become unbalanced. This, in turn, leads to headaches, back pain and many other issues. With the cushion for support, simple changes with the position you sleep in can ease the strain on your back. The Holistic Shop Knee Pillow helps to align your hips properly and helps to keep your spine in the neutral position. It will help ease the pain in your back and hips considerably.

A knee pillow needs to be comfy and must feel like it is not there at all. The HolisticShop memory foam contour support wedge knee pillow can go a long way to relieving consistent nagging pain.

Users have reported great relief for symptoms of sciatica, and find their sleep has improved. While using a knee pillow it is possible to alter sleeping positions, even when changing from side to side during the night.

People whose job involves a lot of standing or who do jobs which stress the legs and body core will benefit greatly using the HolisticShop knee pillow.

Question: Do I get a discount if I buy only one cushion?

Answer: Yes you get 25% off from the very first purchase.

Question: Can the cushion be used during pregnancy?

Answer: Yes the product is recommended for use at this time to help relieve the pressure on the lower back

Question: What are the cushions made of?

Answer: The cushions are made from high-quality memory foam which is curved in a special way to ensure maximum effectiveness

Question: If I have back pain what is the best position for me to sleep in?

Answer: It is best for you to sleep on your side with your legs pulled slightly towards your chest, where your spine will align in a neutral position, place the knee cushion comfortably between your knees and sleep well.

Question: Can I just use any pillow?

Answer: The knee pillows have been shaped and designed specifically and made from memory foam they provide superior support.

Question: I am in pain now, will I wait a long time to get the knee pillow?

Answer: No the product will be delivered quickly once your order has been processed.

Question: Can the cushion help my sciatica?

Answer: Yes the cushion has been shown to greatly relieve sciatic pain in many patients.

Question: Can I remove the cover to wash it?

Answer: Yes the cover can be removed and it is fully machine washable.

Question: What is the weight of the knee pillow?

Answer: The HolisticShop knee pillow weighs only 1.2 pounds and is not uncomfortably heavy on your legs.

Question: Where can I buy the HolisticShop Knee Pillow?

Answer: Here is a link to the HolisticShop Knee Pillow on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=me%3DA2PNHHMC5J28XH&field-keywords=knee+pillow

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