HGH drops and HGH sprays for weight loss and body building

High growth hormones are available in various forms like, injection, sprays, pills and capsules. Many new types of supplements are added every day, HGH drops are also one of the new types of supplements that were added recently.

Growth hormones are produced by the pituitary gland in the body and they are necessary for the overall well-being in the humans. The amount of growth hormone produced during childhood is high when compared to that in produced in adulthood. As we grow old the pituitary gland starts reducing the growth hormone production body and there arises the need to compensate the decline with supplements.Related image

Conditions due to deficiency in HGH

Children may suffer from different types of conditions like Turner’s syndrome, Prader-Willi syndrome, and Noonan syndrome due to the deficiency in the growth hormone.

Synthesis of HGH

The synthetic growth hormone was produced mainly with an intention to cure all these deficiencies, they are known for wide usage in medicine as treatment approved by FDA but their usage as dietary supplements are not approved by the FDA.

Growth hormone therapy is known by various names, rHGH is the most commonly used name. It stands for recombinant high growth hormone as it is produced synthetically by using the recombinant technology in the labs.

Recombinant DNA technology is a method of genetic cloning which involves combining of two or more DNAs from different species in to a host organism to generate new genetic combinations to be used in science, technology and medicine. The synthesis of rHGH in particular uses the molecular cloning technique where 191 amino acid chain sequences of growth hormones is created to replicate the naturally producing HGH.

The effect of synthetic growth hormone on body isn’t same as that of naturally produced hormones. The growth hormone supplements are used for various reasons, from body building, weight loss, and muscle strengthening, quick recovery from injuries and also for anti-aging.  Some of the experts also believe that the drop in the HGH levels reduces the risk of tumors in body by shunning the accelerated growth of cells. The status of HGH remains questionable. HGH supplements create a chain of 191 amino acids.

They are prescribed by the doctors to mainly cure deficiencies in children and adults. The use of these supplements for FDA approved purposes is legal but for other non FDA approved purposes is illegal. Even though it is not legal they are still being widely used.

The HGH injections being very expensive, the HGH drops and HGH sprays offer a cheaper alternative of supplements.

Their usage as nutritional supplements doesn’t have any supporting evidence, neither for body building nor for the weight loss. Hence a dietary program with all the essential nutrients and vitamins that result in natural production of HGH in the body should be supported, instead of resorting to methods to achieve quick results.

This doesn’t mean that the HGH supplements are not useful in any way; they are useful only if there is a serious deficiency or disorder in the adults or children and the medical condition needs to be treated.


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