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Have you been looking for information on the rarest of disorders like FAP or Familial Adenomatous Polyposis? Well, look no further as FAPvoice brings to you an amazing platform quenching all your queries about the disease. Calling it a community would be ideal. It is home to hundreds of members and health practitioners, right at your aid. From information about the condition, diagnosis and symptoms to the best treatments available, is indeed a one stop community for all targeted with the disorder. You can now talk about your problems without feeling embarrassed. A specific rareTeam option allow you to create a group all to yourself. You can include close friends, near and dear ones concerned and ace caregivers. There is a special sentiment palette accessible to help users choose clickEmote and send away prayers, thanks and hugs to the menaced patients instead of those clumsy likes. In a nutshell, FAPvoice is a big hit online portal ensuring instant harbor to the distressed patients of Familial Adenomatous Polyposis.

What to do first?

FAP is usually mistaken as colorectal cancer. Clear your mind because it is just a misconception. The condition is caused due to genetic mutation. It simply catalyzes normal cells to amplify in count and thrive a place in the intestinal tract. This however, can be described as a predisposition to colon cancer. When crucial tumor suppressor genes in the body is flawed, it fails to bar the growths from shooting up in the intestine. These adenomatous polyps pop up as benign and non-malignant. Soon after, if left untreated and allowed to age, these cells turn cancerous. So, here’s a checklist of things you must do:Familial_Adenomatous_Polyposis_community__fapvoice___1

  1. Remember, FAP is an inherited condition. If there’s a history in your family, please ensure testing on a frequent basis to diagnose from its very first onset.
  2. Enlighten yourself with maximum knowledge about the disorder. Paying heed to amateur suggestion will only worsen the condition. Consider relevant information and stay in touch with ace health professionals for the best possible cure.
  3. Pay special note to the symptoms.

Signs you must know about:

Familial Adenomatous Polyposis is not a condition that springs up only post adolescence. The signs can show up at a very early and if disregarded, could lead to hundreds of grisly polyps by 35. So, here’s the symptoms you must attend to at the earliest.

– Pain in the abdominal area, specifically around the rectum.

– Bleeding in your stool.

– Formation of sebaceous cysts or cysts on your jaws.

– Sudden anemia and a serious dearth of iron in the body. This is often noted as a drawback of internal bleeding.

– Abnormalities and a feeling of discomfort in the intestinal tract.

– Osteomas or bony growths.

– Alternate bowel system.

– Changes in the skin, including development of fibromas and cysts.

– Congenital hypertrophy of retinal pigment epithelium.

– Weight loss in a spry.

If any of these above-mentioned symptoms are noted, please be quick and visit a medical practitioner for immediate cure. To know more, drop by FAPVoice and become a member.


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